Drones are NOT our friends!!!

by Maria Anna van Driel


Today I had a conversation with someone who is convinced that Drones do not exist!
He told me I was crazy … because is it not possible that our leaders allow people being arrested with radio controlled children’s toys!
It is impossible that such technology exist, they are not nearly that far!

And it goes on and on and on…so NO drones don’t exist…it is E.T. who want to drink a cup of coffee whit you!

Come on man…is is real!…the drones are arresting people already!

Drones over US to get weaponized – so far, non-lethally




NOT LETHAL???…yes they are lethal!

When you put tear-gas and rubber bullets in those things, a bullet of lead is the next step!


Drones are NOT our friends!





  Drones are going GLOBALLY! 





‘First American Arrested by Aid of Drone Argues 4th Amendment Violation’…. http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/crime/item/11613-first-american-arrested-by-aid-of-drone-argues-4th-amendment-violation

Phew! Those Unmanned EPA ‘Drones’ Spying On Farmers Were Really Just Manned Airplanes!

NO, you are right drones don’t exist, I’m crazy… I seem to suffer from a drone disease!
But when I say that is a spaceship from Mars and that the marians are comming in peace to teach us…than I’m not crazy?
I can sho you thousands and thousands of articles about Drones who are flying armend through the streets and over countries and spying in to your homes!

Aaaaarrrggh…I want to scream when I hear this!!!…I want to shake those people literal awake!

Goddamn…don’t you see what the are doing?!

Armed drones hoovering in front of your home… watching you children?

But you must admit, you have to love them!
They keep us save IN our homes…we even don’t have to go to the supermarket , no more worries about pickpockets and robberies.

And they look so cute http://youtu.be/AZ7Xt2b61Us

But what about this… http://youtu.be/7-qBPdXw_GM

No, they are right and I’m wrong by saying that nano drones are already a part of our society…and I’m really a lunatic when I say (and mark mine words) that there will be drones whit a mind of their own, a program to kill as it thinks that you are stepping over the line!

Japan is already thinking of putting this kind of program in their Actroids!

It will kill you when you don’t obey the law…THE NWO LAW!

We are so lucky to live their agenda!