Someone is trying to demotivate me from getting the truth out into the world!

Good day to all my connections and followers,

The moment of the final step in banning me from the net is almost there.

3 years ago I started to let you all know the real illusions of our daily lives by kicking your behinds … I woke you up in a brutal way.
I was yelled at, people turned their back on me and I was contemptuously addressed several times

But I did not step aside.

Than I tried to let you understand how this ‘brain fog’ we all have is created and being maintained.
This had an outcome of strange jeep-like cars following me … cars without a license plate and even indirect threats on the net.
This did not stopped me from getting the truth out in the world.

I went deeper into the reality behind the MSM lies what had an resulted of my mailbox turning into chaos including the websites I visit ‘could not be found’.

Than, while I was finishing my third book and starting to write my fourth book, the strangest things started to happen.
I went deeper and deeper into the rabbits hole learning much more about ancient rituals and the corresponding symbolism and how it is used these days by the upper classes in our society.
(believe me when I say that what you know of ‘the hell fire club’ is only a mild story in this)

Solid objects in my home started to disappear and turning up in the strangest places … rolls of toilet paper in the attic, the food bowl of the dog in the oven, car-keys in the tray of the printer and so on.
Maybe a poltergeist … well, I thought that also therefore I left it like this and went on by spreading the truth and it stopped … for a while at least.

During writing my fourth book (which contains the last piece of the puzzle), I went out to find visible evidence of what I was writing about.
Driving through old villages I started to notice that occasionally people looked at me in the strangest way which I can not describe … but somehow they looked out of place meaning that they did not belong their on that particular moment in time.
These people (walking the street as well as driving by in a car) are unknown to me and at the same time I recognized them.
One even opened a red umbrella while he nodded to me as if he was saying, “I see you”.

Some months ago I started to use You Tube to spread the reality behind our daily illusions … in the beginning it was okay then my video’s went sky high and now You Tube has stopped counting the views … at least that is what I see on my screen.

All this is really strange what makes me think, “What the freaking hell is going on!”
Who is trying to stop me … aliens, time-travelers, ghosts … or is there a more human-like explanation to this all?
Did I hit the jackpot?

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