WWII could be started by the surrender of the hungry man for better … this is happening again!

After the party, now a hangover: Greece faces run on its banks as new leader squares up for Merkel clash


Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras (inset left) wants longer to repay part of his country’s £185bn bailout, demanding a debt-wiping conference similar to that held for post-war Germany in 1953 – and his supporters have made their antipathy towards the German Chancellor clear on the streets of Athens (centre). But Angela Merkel (inset right) has ruled out cancelling any of the stricken country’s repayments in the first of what are set to be a string of standoffs between the pair.

according to the writings of Nostradamus; (With the Leopard he meant Greece….the Boar as a coat of arms well that is a long list but let’s say EUROPE perhaps?

With the Eagle there are two possibilities; the USA and Germany. The sun aka ‘the Lion’ hmmm I vote for England )Capture

Look beyond the point of focus and see what REALLY is happening at the moment in the world


WWIII it will start with the biggest illusion we know…MONEY! (I warned you for this event in June this year)

When WWIII starts, it will be betweenGermany and England!

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