Erea 51…a military base or are we really visited by the extraterrestrial?
New statements U.S. Air Force.
UFO Roswell Incident In Search of Aliens CNN Report.
The Roswell UFO Crash ,1947…is it real or a cover up?
Roswell Aliens – Witness Describes Anatomy.
If there are so many suns in the universe than why they say that the aliens are gray and bald … would they not look like us?
Eli Benjamin (Roswell first-hand witness)
1947 Roswell UFO: Granddaughter of Sheriff who saw Roswell debris (APRIL 2011)
Roswell Alien Crash Uncovered New Evidence.
CNN Larry King Roswell Incident Unmasked, Pt. 1
Rare BBC The Roswell Incident Footage 1/6
Why they give us so many different stories about ONE event?
What do they want so desperately to stay a secret?
Would they really had the idea that everyone would keep their mouths?
Or could it be that everyone who has made a statement in public is a part of the plot and is lying to us?
Why do you tell if you are threatened with your life?
Who are the real liars about Area 51…the Roswell incident?!
This guy?…The white house?…The army?…The FBI?…Te CIA?…
Is The Roswell Incident True Or A Hoax ?
History’s Secrets- The Real Roswell Conspiracy
Getting back in tot history…if Hitler survived WWII, and he brought his knowledge with him in a submarine…that is possibly still lying at the coast of America…and that Hitler was related to the current president,…it may be technological knowledge about new aircrafts that Hitler has transferred to America.
Could it be that Hitler’s military bases in Antarctica connects with Area 51?
Could it be that it wasn’t a U.F.O. is was crashed in area 51 but only an aircraft that was built on the designs of Hitler?
The same technology used to make the Twin Towers to ruins?
Hitler’s Stealth Fighter.
Is the technological knowledge that Hitler had on modern aircrafts … the Spear of Destiny?
UFO Crashes…are they real or was Germany and America testing their modern airplans in the 40 th’s?
UFO Files – Roswell: Final Declassification
Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know – Project Blue Book
I project blue book a smoke screen for testing modern aircrafts or are the U.F.O. sigthings people reports real?
How do they get the knowledge of this technology … a knowledge that is far ahead of our time!
Is the extraterrestrial for real? What is you gouverment hidding from you?!
Strange sounds all over the world Jerusalem, houston, New York, Belgium, ect..
Did they know what Hitler knew about modern technology? Did they took over and developed it?
Hollow Earth..Hitler believed it…is it truth? Did he get his knowledge from the inner eath?
Is that the reason that Hitler wanted to Antarctica?
Is the spear of destiny nothing more then a myth…is it knowledge that it represented?
Or did Hitler found an entrance to the Holow Earth..did he new of the the existence of extraterrestrial IN SIDE our Earth?
Is Area 51 an entrace to the hollow Earth or just a simple military base where they are testing new airplains?
Is our Earth realy hollow?
Does our aliens comming from our own planet?
Did Hitler new this and did he gave his knowledge to his relatives in the U.S.?
It this what the Illuminatie tries to keep a secret from us?…that Area 51 is a possible pathway to a hollow Earth?
“Operation Highjump” The US Navy’s Expedition to Antarctica in 1947
Well quite a coincidence that shortly after the WWII countless UFO signal came in……America traveled to Antarctica, that Area 51 big news was, several people were murdered, etc.
A coverup of our origin???? doe we come from the inner earth? Is it a hoax?
Or is Area 51 a real gateway to ourselves?!
Hollow Earth Revealed- Series
Area 51 can be found in Google Earth with the coordinates 37 14.50 N, 115 48.57 W
UFO ROSWELL CRASH IS THIS IS PROOF or had america a secret agreement with Hitler?
Was the safe with the spear of destiny that they actually had taken the knowledge of……an advanced aircraft and weapons so they could remain in power?
The Truth is Out There, now go ahead and find it!
Do not be fooled … and wake up!
Know that the truth is really out there!!!
by Maria Anna van Driel