WWIII it will start with the biggest illusion we know…MONEY! (I warned you for this event in June this year)

When WWIII starts, it will be between Germany and England!


But Germany’s powerful leader Angela Merkel – whose country is set to receive a rebate – suggested Britain would eventually end up paying the vast sum, and said she had no problem with the calculations.

One step closer to the exit: Cameron goes to war on £1.7 BILLION bill as he hints Britain will vote to leave EU… but why was he kept in the dark about shock demand?

Brussels’ shock demand for £1.7billion more from Britain has pushed us closer to leaving the EU, a furious David Cameron admitted yesterday. The PM insisted the payment – which works out at £56 for every taxpayer – was ‘not going to happen’. Britain was told to pay more because its economy recovery has exceeded expectations but countries including France whose economies have under-performed will receive multi-million-pound rebates. But Mr Cameron was left red-faced as he was forced to admit he had been kept in the dark for days about the shock £1.7billion demand after George Osborne failed to inform him. Extraordinarily it was almost a week before the Prime Minister learnt about it on Thursday.

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When the EU collapse by means of the England not paying its debts or when they quit on their own initiative, the possibility that this event will trigger a economic WWIII is certainly there.
With this event old currencies will be back meaning a separation in nations.
As soon as the fire gets to high boycotting other countries can be result of this.

Electricity, fuel, food, water will be scarce or not be there at all….long distance communication will be difficult or not present at all. (a global black-out)


IF…there will be a winner from this all (if you can talk about a ‘winner’) it will be Russia!
Because they already cut themselves off from the Rothschild system…economically!

(learn about the illusion of wealth) Money; it is the biggest illusion what keeps the global population in chains.

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