Could it be that Germany has refined technology looking like old space crafts?

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This picture I made two day ago when I was walking my dog….for you to decide what it can be.

A drone…an UFO or maybe a bird….khfggh

Robert D. Miles

An Adamski craft? 
If that is the fact….could it mean that Germany is trying to use drones as an alien hoax to distract people from a possible upcoming war between Europe and Russia?? 
Could it be that Germany has refined technology looking like old space crafts? 
WOW…could it be that the story about ‘Die Glocke’ is real?!

I saw a lot of documentaries about W.v.Braun and the space programs from after WWII.
If we look a bit before that time, meaning during the war, many rockets were tested while Die Glocke would have being build.

Could it be that Germany found out about anti-gravity accidentally during the construction of an extremely powerful bomb and the mixing of fuel?
What if their partner in crime was Russia back then. (looking at the location of were Die Glocke supposedly was build)

Could it be that some of those scientists working at Die Glocke ended up in a Russian Paperclip version?
Now what if we combine this knowledge of controlled and refined technology with the Frankenstein actions of Mengle?
Could it be that some of the UFO’s contained creatures based on DNA crossing of Mengle?

Could it be that the OSS (which partly turned into the CIA at a later time ) merged with this all together with some military groups and formed the USA version of Paperclip and developed their own idea of DNA crossings?
(Think of 1947, Roswell)

I can go on and on about ‘heavy water’ and the transpositions of radioactive fuels in those days but that would mean a comment of dozens of pages. 😉
What if the underlying fear of Germany is the knowledge of Russia having the same weapons as they have in the field of technology which goes beyond of our imagination?
If people would believe in an alien attack global leaders can use these weapons with out the knowing of the population don’t you think.
And with this ET-attack it will be much more easier to accomplish a NWO in which the global population will follow their new orders and commands.

There will be no ‘real’ ET-attack because a species will only attack when it is being threatened in its existence…and if life-forms from other galaxies will attack us, we have to thank the companies who are shooting laser beams, sound-waves and other creepy things into space what can influence evolution’s on those planets.

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  1. Administrator, Maria Anna says:

    You are right saying that if we don’t understand something we automatically think of it as ‘advanced’ while it is a closely guarded military secret.

    Many people scream ALIEN as soon as they see something strange looking but they forget the medical technology aka DNA-crossings and cloning. (Dolly the sheep)
    70 per cent of the alien encounters are created by the military and their scientists and most of the abductions by CIA psy-ops who transport their victims to black-sites while they under the influence of synthetic drugs or paralyzing sonic-waves

    The other 30 percent deceased loved ones and the real alien life forms which are using the ultra frequencies and galactic resonance.
    These frequencies are higher as well as lower than the frequencies we are living and that’d the reason why many of us don’t see them.
    Ever had the feeling not to be alone….IT’S THEM!

    But an ancient civilization who survived evolution as we know it…I think that is a plausible theory.

  2. Manish Soni says:

    There are numerous possibilities. I think Anti Gravity or Space / Time manipulation technologies are available to some of the people on Earth. If we don’t know something, we think that its very advance or impossible to obtain, but when we know something it becomes much easier.

    Its not possible that our Ancient People were able to use this technology and now its not available. How ? Some one on this earth, definitely know about it.

    Numerous UFO sitings are proof of earthy technology, just its hidden.

    If aliens are flying all over on earth, it will be waste of their time and efforts. So the sitings are some how connected to humans. That may be Ancient Civilization which has hidden bases on Earth or Some Nations on earth have these technologies.

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