‘We’re ALL aliens’: Scientist claims.

Discovery of plankton on the ISS is proof that life on Earth came from outer space

  • Controversial academic has claimed life on Earth is of extraterrestrial origin
  • This is based on the finding of plankton on the exterior of the ISS this week
  • Previously Russian experts had said the organisms must have drifted up to the Russian segment of the station from Earth on air currents
  • But Professor Wickramasinghe says they likely came from outer space
  • He says this is proof of the theory of panspermia, that life on Earth did not begin on our planet but instead was brought from elsewhere in the cosmos 
  • However a theory for the origin of the plankton has not been agreed upon
  • It may just be a case of contamination from the US part of the station 

Scientists have controversially claimed that life on Earth originated in space after plankton were found on the exterior of the ISS.

Earlier this week cosmonauts announced they had found the microorganisms living on one of the windows of the Russian segment of the space station.

And while the exact origin of these critters is still unknown, it has been claimed they may have come from outer space – supposedly like life on Earth.

Experiments have previously shown bacteria can survive outside our planet, but this is thought to be the first time more complex life has been found this far out in space.

Their exact origin is not yet known and will require further study – although it may just be contamination from the American segment of the ISS.

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Is it possible that our history went a little bit different as we have learned?

 How do I say this in a short way…..it’s probably not possible but I will try. 

We humans weren’t the first species on this globe like the bible likes to tell us, also the dinosaurs weren’t the first species on this globe. 
Let me tell you something stranger than this…even the unicellular organisms weren’t the first life forms on this globe! 

While a rock which was swirling aimlessly through space, galactic vibrations woke up the crystals and minerals in that rock. 
Those crystals and minerals created a resonance inside the rock and slowly a magnetic field was created around this rock. 
Strong energies like the Northern Lights was present to created a balance was a fact after a while and evolution was a fact! 

With these ultra-sounds and ultra-lights life found a way to exists in energy…and with Tachyon this life was walking the frequencies of energy, sound and light. 
The radiation of the sun started a life form created with heat and light what created a different kind of creature. 
After this the unicellular organisms started to evolve with and without the influence of bacteria from other planets. 

Thus yes, we being the aliens is more plausible than the little gray creatures with those big black eyes. 
….but we weren’t the first life-forms on this globe.

Russia's launches into space take place from the Baikonaur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan 

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