Do we really see the alien life forms in our daily existence?


Let me give you something to think about for a moment…
People say to be afraid of demons, aliens…well monsters in general.
We a humans are afraid of strange life forms with claws and big teeth who will tear into pieces and eat you.
Life forms with long tails and with enormous eyes what will glow in the dark and drag you into the dark corners of their nests.

Now look at your dog…it has claws, big teeth, his or her eyes glow in the dark, it speaks a strange language, it has a tail to communicate with, it is fast and strong and eats raw meat, it can even kill you in your sleep if they want to but you are not afraid of your beloved pet.


Because your grew up with him or her and learnt to understand the ways of the dog…its likes and dislikes and treats it with respect.

You gave the animal a name, a place to sleep, you feed it, you go to the vet as soon as he or she is sick…you treat it as a family member while you know that this animal is capable of killing you in a blink of an eye and still you are not afraid.
Now what if we would look at other life forms this way which are as old as this globe is.
Right, action is reaction…different kind of life forms are capable of living together with respect and without fear.

If we are capable of living together a balanced utopia can be achieved, a world without fear and with respect for ALL living things including (for you) strange  customs.

The difficulty lies in the simplicity

Is it possible that our history went a little bit different as we have learned?


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