A closed ‘Tron Society’ is what they want…the NWO system what you are going to demand!

The New World Order (you know as banker families, the Government) we are ALL going to live is almost achieved!
We are fighting on a daily base against a system which based and controlled by an illusion what is called money.
(think of the taxes you pay, your mortgage and even for the rain what is falling in your garden)

This system is what we are going to reject and a new system will take its place, a system what we are going to demand and create by ourselves.
A system what will be controlled with free energy stolen from your photon energy and will charge the Bluetooth towers we now know as GWEN-towers.
Every low energy devise will be charged and connected in this system we will embark voluntarily.

Remember,YOU are a low energy devise!

(Electromagnetic energies based on natural vibrations of the Earth and controlled by refined technology…technology what is kept from the global population by means of silence and mocking it.)


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