‘Our mind in a controlled quantum Euclidean space?’

The scientist; “I calculate the theories which gives me an answer to the questions I ask.” 
The parishioner; “I believe the theories which gives me an answer to the questions I ask.”
The philosopher; “I understand the facts and believes can be calculated based on plausible theories which gives us many answers like time and motions gives us many possible future outcomes.”

Good day to all of you and welcome in the next level of your journey to your awakening from the grid.

My name is Maria Anna van Driel and I am the author of ‘The NWO, their thoughts…your life’ which is published in 2013.
Early this year I finished the corrections of my second book ‘The source of Immortality’ (which deals with historical mythology and philosophical perspective on science and modern technology) including a booklet of 53 pages which is a scientific follow-up to my second book what explains natural and unnatural energies which is entitled, ‘Our mind in a controlled quantum Euclidean space?’
While writing Vol.2 my mind wondered of into the smallest corners of quantum science, natural and unnatural energies … in other words, the 5th dimension of this globe.
This has resulted in the writing of a 53 pages booklet which gives a more or less scientific explanation of Vol.2 and how it is possible that contemporary world leaders have the opportunity to keep the global population in a state of light hypnosis (Brain Fog) including changing the human DNA with controlled natural energies.
These 53 pages also declares that this technology was invented and implemented by nations who walked the Earth long before the Tep Zepi time as well as the bible as we know being a blueprint of today’s technology which the global population is being denied by means of ‘silence’.

With this scientific explanation of what our world leaders are doing to you, you are given the possibility to enter an ancient secret to fight back on a higher level.
It reveals an ancient and secret knowledge of healing as well as the knowledge what can destroy humanity on a global level if it is used it in the wrong way meaning with the feeling of GREED.
This ancient knowledge, which is so powerful, is used as a mass-destruction weapon by today’s world leaders … it is changed into a refined technology for global mind and behavior control.

So, keep an open mind, hold on to your seat and take another sip from your coffee because these two books will lead you to the edge of absorbing the illusion of a dream you might think of as real life.

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