Google glass 'police' app will allow cops to view live feeds of nearby security cameras

  • Cops using glass app could have access to criminal histories, documents and live security camera footage
  • Also plans to allow communications between agents
  • To be run on 4G data designed only for emergency responders


Google Glass could be used by police in the future with a new app unveiled specifically for cops which allows them to bring up live feeds from security cameras and criminal records as they pursue suspects.

The new program, being developed by Mutualink, a security firm, will be targeted at the emergency services allowing them to tap into nearby camera footage and view documents and building schematics as they respond to 911 calls, Techcrunch reports.

The company claims that the app, which will also allow first responders to communicate – including via video – as they move, will help save lives and apprehend suspects. However, the program may also raise privacy and data security concerns given the app would bring together so much potentially sensitive information.

Another Google Glass first: Google Glass may soon be used by law enforcementAnother Google Glass first: Google Glass may soon be used by law enforcement

On-demand: The information displayed above will show criminal history, building schematics and other documents to officials, according to MutualinkOn-demand: Google glasses display information in front of the user’s eyes, pictured. When used by police it could show a suspect’s criminal history we well as nearby building schematics

The app is being demonstrated this week at the APCO public safety communications conference in Anaheim, California by the vendor – which specializes in building networks meant to share voice, video, data and other communications between defense and law enforcement clients, according to its website.

‘The capabilities that are made possible by combining Google Glass and Mutualink can save lives in many crisis response situations,’ Joe Mazzarella, Senior Vice President of Mutualink said in a statement. 

On privacy, the company says that ‘Google Glass is no different from the many public and private surveillance systems already deployed that capture public activity’.

In terms of security, Mutualink say the app would only be open to authorities and nothing used would be stored on a company database since it is provided on-demand and the connection used to receive it is dropped as soon as the information is no longer needed.

Data connectivity would be provided through FirstNet, an emergency responder-only data network recently mandated by Congress. Funded by the fedral government and built by individual states, It is expected to be online in multiple states by the end of this year, according to GCN.

Mutualink has developed systems for law enforcement, hospitals, mass transit and even NATO Special Operations to share information freely.
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