Month: September 2017

Paranormal Underground Radio: Warwick’s Physics Professor and Ph.D. Bill Murray is speaking about time-tunnels, dark matter and…

At 1 hour, 39 minutes and 26 sec you can hear Warwick’s Physics Professor and Ph.D. Bill Murray speaking on dark matter, time-tunnels and extra dimensions.
(Turn up your volume for the very nice intro from Cheryl Knight-Wilson, editor of Paranormal Underground Magazine)


Maria Anna; Freelance Investigative Journalist & Reporter, Published Author & Writer and scientist

Freelance Investigative Journalist & Reporter (Maria Anna van Driel): 

mecern wolfram 3





“Visualize the problem and you’ll see the solution”…as my math teacher told me.

I did and applied his advise to Physics and mythology …  🙂

Rydberg, gluons, plasma distortion and the string theory … historical symbols are slightly different from what you have being taught in school.

P = M V
RENNES Prieure_de_Sion_by_marciopinheir