Month: October 2016

Paranormal Underground Radio; an interview with Nick Groff & Katrina Weidman … and me speaking of the Castle von Frankenstein

Paranormal Underground Radio broadcasting an interview with Nick Groff who is speaking of his near death experience and Katrina Weidman suddenly goes off air in a spooky manner while speaking about how paranormal activities do increase during their lock-downs.


At 1 hour and 37 minutes into the program, you can hear me telling the story of Castle von Frankenstein were my husband and I stayed overnight in the woods of which people heard strange noises and say the spirit of Dippel von Frankenstein is still roaming looking for death body-parts in ghostly graves from the past.

Scary answers at the castle von Frankenstein (part 1)
Scary answers at the castle von Frankenstein (part 2)


The Slender Man and the Shadow people … is there a connection between them?

This weekend we are traveling to ‘The Black Forest’ in Germany where our camera’s and recorders, hopefully, will capture the phenomena of … The Slender Man.

We will stay in the forest for 3 days and 2 nights looking for an answer to the question if the Slender Man (Der gro├če Mann) is somehow related to The Shadow People.

Is it just a local story to keep the children from getting lost in this enormous, dark and eerie forest?
Is this creepy phenomena a true evolution?
Is this creature really described in a cave painting (9000BC) what was found in the Serra da Capivara National Park in the Northeast of Brazil?
Is the eerie resemblances being found in Hieroglyphic carvings from around 3100 BC in the tomb of Pharaoh Wazner, really speaking of this tall slender creature?

Whatever this phenomena may be in its existence … a scary bedtime story or a real but forgotten evolution … we are already experiencing strange moments with our electrical devices like computers are shutting down by itself, power fails in certain sections in our home and last night ALL the lights of our car did not work while the battery was in a perfect condition.

Are we being warned?


I designed a logo with an eerie content.

I am occupied with writing an article about the last developments in an almost unbelievable but not impossible technology concerning e.g. DARPA, MIT, CERN and Lockheed.
This brought me to designing the logo in the photo what speaks of a technology containing a creepy out-come … when turned on.



Journalism behind the scenes: Moritz castle & the Hell house

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Moritz-burg castle

21 minutes what ‘can’ change your vision on the paranormal (part 1)

21 minutes what ‘can’ change your vision on the paranormal (part 2)



The October issue of Paranormal Underground is HERE!!!!

WOW…the Paranormal Underground issue of October has 76 pages of creepy legends and scary stories which you defiantly must not read ALONE IN THE DARK!
An eerie issue which includes an interview with Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman about the Black Monk House.

Paranormal Lockdown;
Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman

Happy Halloween … whoehahaha.

(On page 22 you can read my article ‘DARK ENERGY; The Oddness and Reality of an Ancient Knowledge’ … a plausible theory of how Stonehenge could have being used as a secret place in-were e.g. time travel took place and anti-gravity was created.)



Our conversation concerning a possible evolution of the shadow people.


Shadow People at the CERN?


Holographic 911; seeing IS believing!

As a freelance journalist (member of the DJV – German Association of Journalists) I am covering non-fictional stories concerning scientific facts in Quantum & Astrophysics … technologies which are silently being tested on the common people as well as the medical versions of it are being tested on soldiers, pilots, NAVY sailors during their training AND the mechanical versions on the battlefield itself.

The technology which is being used during 911 for instance, is one of those stories I covered and is published by the German magazine Q-PHAZE in the issue of Sept. 2016 baring the title: Das holografische 911 – sehen IST glauben.
(Holographic 911; seeing IS believing!)



The correspondents of Paranormal Underground Radio/Magazine; They are bringing YOUR story into the world!

In The Dark Correspondents


Winter M. Balefire (California)
William Becker (Oregon and Washington)
Andy Evans (United Kingdom)
Steven Hemingway (United Kingdom)
Patrick Keller (Missouri)
Jack Kenna (New York)
Nicole Strickland (California)
Maria Anna van Driel (Germany)
Manny Veiga (Massachusetts)
Krystle Vermes (Massachusetts)


Publications of radio broadcasts, articles and books


Our search for the shadow people in the forest while we are experiencing creepy moments!

Previous video; ‘Shadow People; Is it a psychological phenomena or a real primal evolution?’