Month: December 2014

A universal signature of life?

Could we find aliens by searching for VIBRATIONS? £6,000 nanosensor may pick up tiny movements of life on distant planets

The sensor has already shown it can detect Ecoli, according to scientists at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland and the Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie in Belgium.

The CIA announced on Monday that they are responsible for at least half of the UFO sightings reported in the 1950’s and 60’s.

CIA says at least HALF of all UFO sightings in the 1950’s and 60’s were spy planes, NOT aliens

cia not ufo!

The CIA announced on Monday on Twitter that they are responsible for at least half of the UFO sightings reported in the 1950’s and 60’s.

Tweet: '#1 most read on our #Bestof2014 list: Reports of unusual activity in the skies in the '50s? It was us,' the government agency tweeted yesterday


The knowledge of Plato

Time travel as an ancient knowledge and technological fact.

Time travel, time travelers, multivariate worlds, alien life forms … it is something what kept many people busy for decades, even centuries.

History is full of little clues, remarks and references to foreign technologies … books are written about it and movies are made about this subject.

A subject which is still a mystery to many because of the lack of clear and palpable evidence.

And that is the real problem of why many cannot figure out what the reality of this mystery really is, the true secret behind this ancient knowledge is not palpable in away as we think and have learned.

This knowledge of how to create devises (machines) is also not from outer space aswe think it would be … it was not brought to the surface of this globe by alien life forms to boost up our intelligent nor is it a mystery.

Forget all those articles about the so called ‘UFO-technology’ (meaning technology coming from an alien race) because it is much simpler than that…..



The Pyramids of Giza …. just add water!

1: Rainfall for thousands of years what created the erosion of the great sphinx of Egypt …what about the idea of people pouring Natron water over it to create a form of light like a fluorescent glow to impress the people in the city around the Pyramids?

2: 31 minutes in the video clip; “And he walked over water.”

3: how to move these heavy stones? …ask Leedskalnin!



Is WWIII finally started?

Sony could launch The Interview on YouTube: Firm is considering releasing the controversial film online

During an interview with CNN, the California firm’s boss Michael Lynton said the movie will be released. Sites such as YouTube and Crackle are among the options currently being discussed.

I work at Sony Pictures. This is what it was like after we got hacked.

An employee of Sony Pictures Entertainment outlines what they went through following North Korea’s alleged cyber attack on the company.

Sony threatens to sue Twitter if it fails stop users sharing information hacked in cyber-attack linked to North Korea 

Twitter has received a letter from Sony’s lawyers demanding that they suspend any account sharing information leaked in the cyber-attack.


US Navy reveals boat mounted laser that can shoot down drones, boats and even doubles as a ‘Hubble telescope on the water’ laser surveillance system – and it is ALREADY in use

The U.S. Navy is has declared an experimental laser weapon on its Afloat Forward Staging Base (AFSB) in the Persian Gulf an operational asset and U.S. Central Command has given permission for the commander of the ship to defend itself with the weapon, the head of the Office of Naval Research (ONR) told reporters on Wednesday.

The 30 kilowatt Laser Weapon System (LaWS) was installed aboard USS Ponce this summer as part of a $40 million research and development effort from ONR and Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) to test the viability of directed energy weapons in an operational environment, said ONR Rear Adm. Matthew Klunder.

The Navy has carried out tests of a radical new laser weapon it says can shoot down missiles and even drones from a warship.


The scientist planning to upload his brain to a COMPUTER: Research could allow us to inhabit virtual worlds and ‘live forever’

Brain scan super-imposed on head of woman

A San Francisco inventor has revealed plans for a system to upload his brain to a computer. Randal Koene hopes to be able to replicate the human brain as a mechanical system.


Antigravity…and still you think the UFO’s which are seen in the earth’s atmosphere are from another constellation?

Eugene Podkletnov on Antigravity

We’re joined by Dr. Eugene Podkletnov to discuss recent (2004 to 2013) experimental antigravity research in gravity modification and superconductors. For nearly two decades Dr. Podkletnov has been researching the link between gravitation and high-temperature superconductors, and just recently published the peer-review results of new experiments he’s conducted to measure the speed of a force-beam projected by a stationary superconducting apparatus he’s developed.

Podkletnov is well-known for his experiments involving YBCO superconductors, which produced a gravity-shielding effect that was investigated by NASA and has been the subject of many peer-review papers. He describes continuing his experiments in this area, and indicates that he has made continuing progress in creating an antigravity effect that partially shields the mass of objects placed above the rotating disks.

Dr. Podkletnov also describes his “force beam generator” experiment in detail, and provides insights into improvements that he’s made over the last decade to increase the force produced by this experimental gravity-beam. The force beam is generated by passing a high-voltage discharge from a Marx-generator through a YBCO emitter suspended in a magnetic field, and Podkletnov has described it as being powerful enough to knock over objects in the lab, as well as capable of being tuned by even punch holes in solid materials.

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Russia’s Collapse in 5 Stats

After a stunning currency collapse, Russia is now fully in the grips of an economic crisis. How deep is the chaos? Here are five stats that put Russia’s woes in context.

Ruble Riot

Russia’s currency entered free fall this week, hitting a record low of 80 rubles to the dollar today before recovering slightly. The ruble has lost over half its value this year, making it the worst-performing currency among the 170 tracked by Bloomberg. Passed on the way down: the Ukranian hryvnia.

Recession Looming

Russia’s economy has been slowing for some time, and is now poised to fall into recession. In early December, Russia’s economy ministry was forced to revise its estimate of 1.2 percent growth for 2015 down to a 0.8 percent contraction. Since then, oil—which makes up 50 percent of government revenue—has continued to slide, falling below $60 this week. Russia’s central bank warns of a contraction of 4.7 percent in 2015 if oil prices stay at that level on average.

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A secret space program on Mars?

Former Nasa employee claims there was a secret manned mission on Mars in 1979.

‘I saw men walking on Mars in 1979′: ‘Former Nasa employee’ claims there was a secret manned mission to the red planet

Listen at 7 minutes 18 sec. …something like “People want….we want to do the present PLOS double check 61. This is the one…” 

PLoS Biology