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Welcome in a world of artificial and violent resonance maintained by the global and political leaders.



The Tropic of Cancer, also referred to as the northern tropic, is the most northerly circle of latitude on the Earth at which the Sun may appear directly overhead at its culmination.

The Tropic of Cancer position is not fixed, but varies in a complicated manner over time. It drifts south almost half a second (0.47″) of latitude per year (it was at exactly 23° 27′ in year 1917).

If you want to understand the next text you have to know time, motion and energy.
You must have the will to learn to see the knowledge what was lived by many, practiced by few and understood by some.

If you like to know what the future will be you have to look at the past!

The tropic of Cancer;


Did you ever wondered why there was a lobster in the mythological story of Atlantis? (the city with an energy source what was swamped by a tidal wave and then disappeared into the sea)

Well like all ancient stories they were told many times by many different people meaning that facts became symbols and symbols a myth.
The story of Atlantis (Ancient Greek for ‘island of Atlas’) is the name of a fictional island mentioned by Plato and tells us that it is not about ONE city or island but about many nations who were living on ‘the Tropic of Cancer’ what is a length of latitude on this globe.

But many of you will not believe that this line on the globe has the power to create wars and incomprehensible murders for no reason in the first place.
Many will have difficulties to believe that the city Plato was talking about consisted of different peoples who have built their homes and city’s on this length of latitude.
Nations who had the knowledge about sound-waves, natural frequencies, electricity, chemical reactions, radiation and this all based on nature.

If I told you that these nations (or Atlantis as Plato like to call it) weren’t overwhelmed by a flood of water, but by a wave of sound (resonance) you probably will have some trouble to believe me.
And unbelief will definitely be there when I tell you that the resonance in these regions creates a violent behavior by means of natural sound-waves, irritations and short circuits in the brain are the result of this event.

A wave of sound (frequencies) created by the earth’s rotation and the radiation of the sun which creates a form of electricity by means of the elements in the earth surface like crystals, basalt, granite and so on.
A sound-wave what can even create hypnotic hallucinations and works as an addictive chemical or synthetic drug.

Think about it before you scream BULLSHIT.

Throughout history nations and empires in this regions came and disappeared after wars with an unclear beginning.
Now what if this resonance what is created by mother nature herself, has the capability to create illusion by means of sending a certain kind of Hertz in the air after the sun led its Tachyon light run over the minerals in the ground?

What if the wave what supposed to have flooded Atlantis wasn’t water from the sea but a tsunami of frequencies
And what if the ancient nations knew this through the telling of their ancient elders?
That would mean that they also knew how to reduce it because nobody will sit in one place and wait until their brains is starting to cook…right?
(‘Our mind in a controlled quantum Euclidean space?’ will explain more about Hertz and human behavior today)

It is a natural reaction to survive so people started to think about this annual event and started to built buildings all over this length of latitude that could reduce this resonance…buildings that could create a wall of sound.

scan 1

They started to build triangle buildings with which they could create magnetic fields, laser, light and sound.
They build machines that could create a safe haven…they build a dome of sound.

Inside the dome the natural resonance was so low that it had no effect on the people, outside the dome people were killing each other for nor clear reason.
(are you starting to see the real plan behind the NWO idea / agenda?)

How to create a dome of sound and light…by using enormous prisms which can break the light of (chemical or magnetic) laser.
Add some beacons on the edge like you can see at Stone Hence and the dome is a fact.
Inside the dome the violent and aggressively making Hertz can not reach the brain meaning that there are no unnatural irritations meaning there are no feeling of war.


WOW…did I just told you that today the technology has the capability to reduce your emotions at any time as well as to skyrocketing it?
Yes I did!
This is all possible with GWEN, H.A.A.R.P, Woodpecker, LRAD, and many more of those creepy devises which were refined during and after WWII.
You also know these groups as ‘Paperclip’ and ‘MJ12’ which had projects like ‘the Philadelphia experiment’, project ‘Stare-gate’ …(more CIA projects can be found in the book ‘The NWO, their thoughts…your life’ on page 573 till 601)

This is the real lunatic idea behind the NWO!
Back in history they stole the knowledge of the ancient nations…tore it into pieces…kept the good part and left the world with the misery of an unprotected resonance what can create feelings of irritations what can have the outcome of …WAR!
With this knowledge they want to create a safe haven for themselves… and a dome (like project Eden but with a wall of sound) with chipped people who are controllable and in the meanwhile they steal you thermal-heat and bio-energy to power up the artificial source what keeps the dome in position with the electric borders.

They are going to create a Tron Society with artificial emotions which means NO emotions of yourself.
Your life will be controlled by a bunch of control-freaks and lunatics who think they are right…who think freewill will only lead to destruction of our species.
SHOW THEM DIFFERENT and fight against this lunatic idea of locking up emotions and the creation of a so-called ‘zombie’ nation.

(The only reason why there is constantly war on the longitude of ‘the Tropic of Cancer’ is because the resonance is kept alive artificially by the global and political leaders!)


Wake up from bullshit they want us to believe.

(look at the date when I post this…)

The one thing of your existence you don’t want to know!

Black holes…are they in reality a portal to leap to the next plane in quantum dimensions?

Black holes do NOT exist and the Big Bang Theory is wrong, claims scientist – and she has the maths to prove it

  • Scientist claims she has mathematical proof black holes cannot exist
  • She said it is impossible for stars to collapse and form a singularity
  • Professor Laura Mersini-Houghton said she is still in ‘shock’ from the find
  • Previously, scientists thought stars much larger than the sun collapsed under their own gravity and formed black holes when they died
  • During this process they release a type of radiation called Hawking radiation
  • But new research claims the star would lose too much mass and wouldn’t be able to form a black hole
  • If true, the theory that the universe began as a singularity, followed by the Big Bang, could also be wrong

When a huge star many times the mass of the sun comes to the end of its life it collapses in on itself and forms a singularity – creating a black hole where gravity is so strong that not even light itself can escape.

At least, that’s what we thought.

A scientist has sensationally said that it is impossible for black holes to exist – and she even has mathematical proof to back up her claims.

If true, her research could force physicists to scrap their theories of how the universe began.

She claims that as a star dies, it releases a type of radiation known as Hawking radiation – predicted by Professor Stephen Hawking.
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A scientist from University of North Carolina states she has mathematical proof that black holes (illustrated) can't exist. She said it is impossible for stars to collapse and form a singularity. Previously, scientists thought stars  larger than the sun collapsed under their own gravity and formed black holes as they died

Is it possible that our history went a little bit different as we have learned?



Did I photographed a real Schrödinger cat?




The original photo




The one thing of your existence you don’t want to know!

Our world as a non-euclidean space?
If I have to think fast that would mean that there is only one ‘plane’ in our existence instate of several what can creates crossroads in time if a plane is shifting.
In my opinion it is impossible to have steady time-streams or planes because if one plane has a energy burst it would reach the plane above or underneath meaning that it will create a crossroad of 3D time-streams.

Non-euclidean plausible but only if the energies in and between the planes are steady which gives us a possible answer to the question of why those lunatics who call themselves ‘political leaders’ want to keep our emotion in control…or evolution it self. 
Hmmm, that would also mean that I’m right in my booklet about turning natural energies into unnatural once to control the human mind and behavior. 

(If we ‘think’ in 3D because we have trained our brains to do so it would also mean that we are the illusion in a program of 2+2=5.)


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Now what if a device like HAARP has the capability to send the right frequency to the man made and controlled grid and can create with it a portal big enough to send something trough it what has mass and carries certain kind of information?
Information with which it is possible to create a controlled evolution but in a different non-euclidean dimension which runs parallel to the non-euclidean dimension in which we find ourselves?



The first glimpse of the Alien hoax attack which you don’t believe.

Rise of the real Terminator: Scientists create shape-shifting liquid metal

  • Scientists used an alloy of gallium and indium to create the liquid metal
  • When the alloy was placed on a flat table, it formed into a spherical ball
  • It surface tension was reduced by applying a small amount of electricity
  • Changing the voltage allowed the metal to change shape and structure

Scientists have come a step closer to creating terrifying Terminator-style robots that can instantly repair themselves.

In what sounds like the precursor to a science fiction film, a Carolina research team has managed to create self-healing liquid metal.

The team claims the breakthrough could lead to better electronic circuits, self-repairing structures and perhaps, someday, T-1000-style robots.

Scientists used an alloy of gallium and indium to create the liquid metal. Gallium is liquid at 29°C (84°F), while Indium has a higher melting point of 156°C (312°F).

However, when combined, the alloy remains liquid at room temperature with a high surface tension of around 500 millinewtons per meter (mN/m).

This means that when this alloy is placed on a flat table, it will form into an almost perfect ball, and holds its shape.

The surface tension can be reduced by applying a voltage of less than one volt, causing the metal to spread out flat on the surface. 

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The research followed a separate study last year, more than 20 years after the 1991 film Terminator 2 (pictured) was released, in which scientists claimed to have developed the world's first self-healing polymer

To really understand what you future will look like click here



Seeing doesn’t always means understanding!





Flashes of light in Spain…static electricity or extraterrestrial?

To see the video clip go to my FB (Maria Anna van Driel)


The flashes of light are static electricity which can be created by an energy source what is controlled by men aka HAARP but the possibility that this energy source is a sun or bright star like Sirius can not be ruled out.
(the source of these flashlights you can see briefly in this clip, it’s the bigger light which slowly descends to the surface of the earth…at least that is what it look like)

Why those flashlight move and disappear with increased speed…it’s because the Earth rotates meaning that light, electricity, sound waves and so on rotates with it.
Think of the moon, if you look at it you can see the rotation of this globe.
Because electricity is faster that the the moon (duh) the disappearing of it looks like if it has an awareness like we do or if it were a massive object which accelerates.

To me this is no proof of an ‘alien’ aircraft because of the natural behavior of the electricity in the flashlights including the slow descent from the bigger and steady light that looks more like a sun set.


An internet ‘black-out’…Russia already was preparing for this a long time!

Putin to unplug Russia from the internet: Russian leader to introduce draconian measures that would see country switch off ‘in emergencies’

  • Web has been a focus of Kremlin criticism over the Ukraine conflict 
  • The new measures would be to prevent it operating internationally in a crisis
  • Claim Russia must ensure security due to West’s ‘complete unpredictability’

Putin insisted that Moscow should be ready for emergencies caused by the 'unpredictable' West

Vladimir Putin is poised to introduce draconian measures to unplug Russia from the Internet in emergencies caused by the ‘unpredictable’ West, it was claimed yesterday.

The web is seen as the last bastion of glasnost – or openness – in Moscow, but now there are fears new curbs will be imposed as they have been on TV and newspapers.

The Russian president is summoning a Monday session of his powerful Security Council over the issue.

‘Taking into account the complete unpredictability of the United States and European Union, Russia is taking measures to ensure its own security,’ Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told AFP.

It was vital to act due to ‘the unpredictability of our foreign partners’, he insisted.

He claimed Russia should be ‘ready for anything’ after the worst rift with the West since the Cold War.

Vedomosti newspaper said Russia was aiming to strengthen the ‘sovereignty of the Russian segment of the World Wide Web’.

This could include powers to unplug Russia from the World Wide Web in ’emergency’ situations.

These might be protest rallies or military hostilities, the newspaper said citing sources.

The web has been a focus of Kremlin criticism over the Ukraine conflict, and the aim would be to prevent it operating internationally in any crisis.

The country’s citizens would only be able to use a Russian-wide web. 

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Germany And Russia Buying Typewriters To Avoid NSSpying

Germany to revert to type: Country considers return to typewriters in a bid to foil NSA spies


Outer-space becomes inner-space…

The spooky action on a distance at a quantum level…WOW that means that the universe really swirls inside our brains by means of the electrical impulses it creates.

An illusion based on resonance what triggers the liquid crystals inside our body…meaning that we are creating a 3D future inside our mind while the silver halide is projecting a possible past.

Reality is subjectively and can be influenced.


“The sound of an atom has been captured” (meaning that they can control you through you atoms with waves even the brain can’t pick up!)

Ever wondered what an atom sounds like? Scientists say the particles give off a ‘D-Note’ – and this could give us faster computers

Researchers at Chalmers are first to show the use of sound to communicate with an artificial atom. They can thereby demonstrate phenomena from quantum physics with sound taking on the role of light. The results are published by the journal Science.

On the right, an artificial atom generates sound waves consisting of ripples on the surface of a solid. The sound, known as a surface acoustic wave (SAW) is picked up on the left by a “microphone” composed of interlaced metal fingers. According to theory, the sound consists of a stream of quantum particles, the weakest whisper physically possible
. The illustration is not to scale. Credit: Philip Krantz, Krantz NanoArt.The interaction between atoms and light is well known and has been studied extensively in the field of quantum optics. However, to achieve the same kind of interaction with sound waves has been a more challenging undertaking. The Chalmers researchers have now succeeded in making acoustic waves couple to an artificial atom. The study was done in collaboration between experimental and theoretical physicists.
“We have opened a new door into the quantum world by talking and listening to atoms”, says Per Delsing, head of the experimental research group. “Our long term goal is to harness quantum physics so that we can benefit from its laws, for example in extremely fast computers. We do this by making electrical circuits which obey quantum laws, that we can control and study.”

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