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Jellyfish 'RoboCop' will patrol US waters like an aquatic spy!




  • Jellyfish are attractive candidates to mimic because of their ability to consume little energy owing to a lower metabolic rate than other marine species
  • Cyro, the robotic jellyfish is powered by a rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery
  • The skin is made of a thick layer of silicone, squishy in one’s hand. It is placed over a bowl-shaped device containing the electronic guts of the robot

A life-like, autonomous robotic jellyfish the size and weight of a grown man is the latest weapon in the US Navy’s arsenal to guard the world’s oceans.

Virginia Tech College of Engineering researchers have unveiled the prototype robot, nicknamed Cyro. It is a larger model of a robotic jellyfish the same team made in 2012 – headed by Shashank Priya of Blacksburg, Virginia, and professor of mechanical engineering at Virginia Tech.

The earlier robot, dubbed RoboJelly, is roughly the size of a man’s hand, and typical of jellyfish found along beaches.

In the swim: The Robocop jellyfish is the size and weight of a man and moves using eight mechanically controlled armsIn the swim: The Robocop jellyfish is the size and weight of a man and moves using eight mechanically controlled arms

‘A larger vehicle will allow for more payload, longer duration and longer range of operation,’ said Alex Villanueva, a doctoral student in mechanical engineering working under Priya.

‘Biological and engineering results show that larger vehicles have a lower cost of transport, which is a metric used to determine how much energy is spent for traveling.’

Both robots are part of a multi-university, nationwide $5 million (£3.3m) project funded by U.S. Naval Undersea Warfare Centre and the Office of Naval Research. 

Jellyfish are attractive candidates to mimic because of their ability to consume little energy owing to a lower metabolic rate than other marine species. 

Additionally, they appear in wide variety of sizes, shapes and colours, allowing for several designs. 
They also inhabit every major oceanic area of the world and are capable of withstanding a wide range of temperatures in both fresh and salt waters.

Preparing the prototyope: Researchers have been testing the device in a swimming pool, preparing it for a life in the oceanPreparing the prototyope: Researchers have been testing the device in a swimming pool, preparing it for a life in the ocean

Most species are found in shallow coastal waters, but some have been found in depths 7,000 metres below sea level.

Partner universities in the project are Providence College in Rhode Island, the University of California Los Angeles, the University of Texas at Dallas, and Stanford University. Priya’s team is building the jellyfish body models, integrating fluid mechanics and developing control systems.

Cyro is modelled and named after the jellyfish Cyanea capillata, Latin for Llion’s Manemain jellyfish. Jellyfish, with ‘Cyro’ derived from ‘cyanea’ and ‘robot.’ 

As with its predecessor, this robot is in the prototype stage, years away from use in waters. A new prototype model already is under construction at Virginia Tech’s Durham Hall, where Priya’s Centre for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems is based.

‘Our hopes for Cyro’s future is that it will help understand how the propulsion mechanism of such animal scales with size.’

A big difference exists between the larger and smaller robots. Cyro is powered by a rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery, whereas the smaller models were tethered, Priya said. Experiments have also been conducted on powering jellyfish with hydrogen but there is still much research to be done in that area.

Fully charged: The Robo-Jelly is covered in a sleek silicone skin and is powered up with a battery that could last up to several monthsFully charged: The Robo-Jelly is covered in a sleek silicone skin and is powered up with a battery that could last up to several months

In both cases, the jellyfish must operate on their own for months or longer at a time as engineers likely won’t be able to capture and repair the robots, or replace power sources. 

‘Cyro showed its ability to swim autonomously while maintaining a similar physical appearance and kinematics as the natural species,’ Priya said, adding that the robot is simultaneously able to collect, store, analyse, and communicate sensory data. 

This autonomous operation in shallow water conditions is already a big step towards demonstrating the use of these creatures.

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The Next Truth is now official a conspiracy site!


Was Hitler right about the "Hollow Earth"? Are the paintings at Denver Airport indicating to the The Bucegi Mountains?

The Bucegi Mountains secrets

Florin Moneanu and Peter Moon Move Beyond Time

Uploaded on Aug 19, 2008

This video continues the thoughtful discussion with author/editor/publisher interviewing Dr. Florin Munteanu. He just finished speaking about Sarmisegethuza, an ancient place of the Dacians, The Dacian writings are the oldest ever found, 2000 years ahead of the Sumerian tablets.The Dacians were Thracians, one of the oldest European civilizations. At one point, they occupied over half the Europe and some territories in the Middle East. Peter asks Dr. Munteanu about the stone people call the Romanian Sphinx, the ancient underground, futuristic Hall of Records in the Alpha Base written about by Radu Cinamar, Dr. Munteanu looks at these subjects in relationship to quantum physics and consciousness, and our living system of complexity, and Gaia, freeing our souls, the importance of understanding the true history of the earth. Professor Moneanu is the president of The Center for Complexity Studies. Peter Moon is the world renowned author of a series of books such as The Montauk Project. The interview seized the moment in the boat at Atlantykron Academy of Learning.

    Short introduction into the 2003 events
In the summer of 2003, in an unexplored area of the Bucegi mountains, Zero Team Department (a top secret section of the Romanian Intelligence Service – SRI), has made an epochal discovery that could completely change the destiny of mankind.
Colossal diplomatic pressures coming from the United States of America on the Romanian Government for not disclosing to the whole world this discovery led to a temporary agreement between the two countries and an unusual collaboration in scientific and military special team went to Sea shipment. The implications are far more complex due to the brutal interference of the Order of the Illuminati, which sought to take control of both the location of discovery, and the Romanian-American expedition.
Expert in studying and researching strange phenomena and also the leader of the exceptionally strategic importance of operations for the Romanian State, Cezar Brad is the “hero” of the shocking events that occurred in the Bucegi Mountains, but also two memorable meetings with a leading representative of the Illuminati and Bilderberg member.

A Bilderberg in Romania
   In May 2003, Caesar was visited by an important character for one issue in particular, the meeting request came through SRI, as a result of government intervention. The person was a foreigner, but spoke very well Romanian. He also knew Romania very well. SRI knew only that he was part of a Masonic lodge very important in Italy that has a high-ranking nobility, and has a very strong financial influence in Romania.
His political influence was also very high since he managed to penetrate the wall of SRI agents and reach the DZ.

Caesar felt a high pressure and a heavy weight around this person. He was surrounded by a cloud of heavy, unpleasant radiation which concealed his true intentions. For this meeting, Caesar prepared thoroughly, isolating himself in a room and falling into a state of deep meditation, to learn more about the person.

A SRI helicopter brought this arrogant, tall gentleman, wearing a black suit. He had a cane with ivory handle and gold inlay. His face expressed harshness and his green eyes had a strange effect, radiating unusual coldness. It was presented as Senior Massini. He was very sure of himself and created the impression of a person who was used to give orders. He was leading one of the most venerable major Masonic Lodge in Europe and was one of the most influential Masonic organization in the world: the Bilderberg Group.

Massini entered directly into the subject by saying that people are of two kinds: those that can be manipulated and led (most), and others – who have certain virtues and a strong personality. He said that his group is part of the highest Masonic order and is very interested in the outcome of the discussion. Caesar said he knows some aspects of Freemasonry.
Mister Massini said that the Bilderberg Group is not itself a lodge, but it means much more than that. He said that the lodges are just facades and the real power is much higher than the thirty-third hierarchical level. Massini invited Caesar to join the group, letting him understand that he will have many advantages. Massini manifested a great power and an unusual psychical force, in contrast with his age. Unfortunately for him, his power was centered on a huge ego, arrogance and sense of superiority over others.
Massini said that he requested a meeting with Caesar through the power and the relations he had, because they appreciated Caesar’s powers.

    The Pentagon spies with satellites
A Pentagon satellite used for geodetic espionage, based on bionic technology and shape waves, discovered in 2002 a separate unit in a specific area of the Bucegi Mountains. The empty space inside the mountain was not identified in correspondence with the outside; the empty space begun directly from inside the mountain, at a certain distance from its slope. The empty space had the shape of a well made tunnel and the route of it was perfectly plan.
   The satellite scan of the mountain revealed two major energetic blocks. The dams were made of artificial energy: the first was the plan, as a wall, a wall that was blocking access to the tunnel. The second was huge, like a dome or hemisphere, at the opposite end of the tunnel, near the center of the mountain. Massini acknowledged that there is something extremely important and was very well protected. The whole tunnel-hemisphere was in a plane parallel to the ground, and the dam is vertical hemispherical corresponding rocks on the ridge called “Babele”. In fact, the vertical slope ended at about 40 meters between Babele and the Sphinx of Bucegi (Sfinxul din Bucegi). A similar structure in Iraq 
The Pentagon team noted that hemispherical energy barrier has the same vibrational frequency and the same shape as one another very secret underground structure that they had discovered before, near Baghdad, Iraq. Shortly after this discovery, the Iraqi war broke out and after a few months Americans had access to the biggest secret in the area, which the Iraqis knew nothing about.Massini also said that what was there was about the planet’s mysterious past and the history of their organization. When the Pentagon investigation noted the similarity of the data between the underground structure near Baghdad and the one from Bucegi, Massini and his masonic lodge was suddenly very agitated. Initially, they’ve almost panicked. The panic was due to the fact that this structure – much larger and more complex than the one from Iraq – is on Romania’s territory (From Alexander: David, it seems that Romania has a very important mission in the years to come and the Reptilians also have this information. Above The Bucegi Mountains we also have an energetic pyramid – its shadow can be seen twice a year – which has a protective purpose and also keeps safe the true knowledge that is about to be revealed to everyone when the time comes).

    Massini provided the correct plan to reach the tunnel, as it has been calculated by experts in the Pentagon. The breakthrough was possible close to 60-70 meters from the first energy barrier on the side of the mountain. Massini promised ultra sophisticated U.S. military technology to achieve breakthrough into the first energy barrier. It was a very powerful device for high speed drilling of rock that used a strong plasma jet and a rotating magnetic field. Massini urged strict secrecy on this matter.
    The Discoveries of 2003, in the Bucegi Mountains
The machine first drilled by a strange deviation of the magnetic field, but later corrected its trajectory. The gallery looked like a subway tunnel, was perfectly polished and led to the enigmatic tunnel discovered by the satellite. At the end of the tunnel was a huge stone gate which was moved by sliding it to the left. But before this gate, there was a huge energy barrier. Three people from the first special intervention team were very close to the invisible barrier. They touched it imprudently and died of cardiac arrest on the spot. Any object (rock, plastic, metal or wood) threw at the barrier, immediately turned into fine dust. Two generals from the Pentagon and the U.S. presidential advisor came there.

     The Great Gallery

Massini knew most about the origin of this discovery and had knowledge of at least one item that was in the Great hemispherical hall. Beyond the formidable energy barrier, which caused the deaths of three people, was the solid rock gate. Into the tunnel’s wall, just in front of the gate was an area of 20 square cm. On this square, was precisely drawn an equilateral triangle pointing up. The square was located between the huge grinding stone gate and the invisible energy barrier. Caesar felt that there is some compatibility between the energetic barrier and himself, something like a mutual “sympathy”. His hand lightly touched the surface of the energetic barrier and he felt tingling on the skin. He submitted and passed completely through the dam no more than an inch thick. U.S. officials were absolutely stunned.

    Tapping the triangle from the the center of the squared polished rock, Caesar initiated a huge stone gate which silently slid into the wall. This single command canceled the energetic barrier and also opened the stone gate. The Great Gallery was now show in its entire splendor. Even dough there was no light source, the Great Gallery was lighted. But after turning off the first energetic barrier, the huge hemispherical shield at the other end of the room, suddenly turned to a higher vibration level and begun emitting higher radiations.
On a closer analysis, the wall inside the Grand Gallery seemed synthetic but also felt like something organic was part of it. It had the color of oil, but the reflections were green and even blue. The wall material was somewhat rough to the touch but it could not be scratched or bent. Resisted any attempt at breaking, piercing scratches or cuts. In a strange way, the fire flames were absorbed within itself. Practically, the fire could not “stay” on that material. Americans have recognized that the material is a strange combination of organic and inorganic matter. At 280 feet, the gallery suddenly turned to the right in a sharp angle. At a greater distance a blue light was noticed, that sparkle like a star. The blue light at the end of the gallery was just the reflection of the protective shield of energy.

 In the Iraqi underground
The U.S. adviser on national security issues was notified that the energetic shield from Iraq (in Baghdad) was suddenly activated, pulsating at a high frequency.  In front of the shield also appeared a hologram of the planet, which sequentially and progressively depicted the European Continent, then south-east, then The Bucegi Mountains from Romania and then finally showing their location within the structure’s corridor. It was obvious that the two hemispherical energy shields were in a direct connection.

The bad news was that the U.S. presidency was notified and contacted the Romanian diplomacy through intelligence. In just a few tens of minutes, the whole operation had been disclosed. Lord’s Massini plan went down the drain. Initially they wanted to take political control, but the Romanian politicians who were entitled to be aware of these issues have panicked and could not cope with events. The diplomatic tension grew increasingly more pressure as Washington demanded an urgent communication with the Pentagon generals at the scene of operations.    CSAT (Supreme Defense Council) Emergency Meeting
An emergency session of the Supreme Defense Council (CSAT) has created a huge wave of sympathy for the Zero Department. Most were shaken by the news they’ve received. The CSAT decision was to continue the research, but under the Zero Department’s control and inventory everything found in the Great Room. From Bucharest the orders came in waves, canceling each other, some very vehement, others elusive, everything betraying a very high tension. CSAT members were in continuous session, keeping in touch with the Bucegi Mountains. They’ve decided to make public the discovery after having first discussed the problem on all sides. Romanian State was to make a formal statement to the entire World. But some CSAT members vehemently opposed.    Romania’s official statement
When the US diplomacy has been informed that Romania will release to the press the discoveries everything tuned into chaos. The President was called for a direct phone conversation with the White House. Within hours, the US blocked all financial transactions with Romania and its access to all other financial institutions. Romania was about to declare “State of emergency” in the Bucegi Mountains and the capital.
The talks between the U.S. officials arrived in Bucharest and the Romanian Emergency Department took place without a translator. They were very violent everyone was shouting and the USA has uttered many threats of retaliation on Romania. Other countries in the world knew nothing of the problem, and Americans knew well that there were some very powerful countries that would united with Romania to support the immediate public statement. (Alexander: I don’t think this was the case at all, but the USA knew that Romania is a small and poor country which will be highly intimidated by the “mighty” USA).
The official declaration would have provided evidence to the world about everything discovered in the Bucegi Mountains, including photos and anything else essential for a complete clarification. Leading scientists and researchers were to be invited. But most importantly it would have revealed the truth about the very distant past of humanity and the real history which is almost entirely counterfeit.

The Americans have reacted very badly because that statement would have shattered in a second their global influence and power, and would have probably thrown into chaos their society. This was the main reason cited by them, to not create panic. But they forgot to acknowledge that this state of anguish and possible social disruption would have occurred as a direct result of deliberate deceit and manipulation made over the centuries by the Freemasonry. Also, a Papal intervention occurred, who called for moderation before this great fundamental step for mankind.
The Pope promised to make certain documents available to the Romanian state from the ancient papal secret archives, which are of great importance for Romania and the evidence supports the discovery of the mountains. After 24 hours of talks, a final agreement occurred between the Romania and USA and they’ve choose to cooperate in some precise terms. The Romanian state was to postpone the disclosure, and gradually present everything to the people.

     The Projection Room
The Grand Gallery ended abruptly with a giant aula, 30 meters in height and a length of 100 meters. The Projection room was smaller than the lecture hall of the mountain and was protected by the energy shield. Advancing towards the energy shield, a portion of it disappears like a door, allowing access to the projection room. The shield protects the room by any outside influences. Once inside the room, the shield becomes compact and looks like white-golden wall.

In the back, the shield doesn’t descend to ground level like in the frontal area because at the back it’s a stone wall. The wall has 10-12 meters high, and there were three enormous tunnel holes: one straight ahead and the other two – symmetrical on both sides. They are lighted by a diffuse light in a greenish tint. Access to these tunnels was strictly prohibited by the secret protocol was signed between Romania and the U.S.A.Tables for giants
From the front of the entrance hall contains a series of huge stone tables arranged along the right wall, following its curvature. Similarly, there is another series along the left wall. None of the tables have a height less than two meters. On the table tops were cut in relief, with precision, different signs of an unknown writing, characters that resemble ancient cuneiform.
The writing also contains more general symbols such as triangles and circles. Although the signs are not painted, they come out with a fluorescent light radiation in different colors from table to table.
There are five tables on each side of the room. On some of them are different objects that appear to be technical tools. From many of them descending to the ground, are a lot of white, translucent wires which gather into rectangular boxes of shiny, silver material. The boxes are placed directly onto the ground. The cables are extremely flexible and lightweight and light pulses can be seen circulating along their length.
When approaching any of the tables, a holographic projection activates showing aspects of a particular scientific field. The three dimensional images are perfect and very large, with a height of almost two and a half meters.
The projections run by themselves but at the same time they are interactive and depend on one who interacts with the tables by touching their surfaces.     The Discovery from The Bucegi Mountains:
Genetic combinations

Climbing on a specially brought tripod the table surfaces can be seen. They are covered with a film of a dark glassy material. The film is divided into several large square bounded by straight lines, forming a kind of grid. At one table the subject is biology and the projected image are of plants and animals, some completely unknown. Tapping one of the squares, the hologram shows the structure of the human body. It develops holographic images of various areas of the body that always rotate. Other squares show projections of other beings, on other celestial bodies. By tapping simultaneously two different squares, a complex scientific analysis shows the DNA of both beings and possibilities of compatibility between them. On the side vertical lines appear, containing explanations (but in the strange writing seen everywhere) and at the end, the most probable mutant form appears as a result after combining the two genetic information.

   True Giants
   Those who built the whole edifice were probably very tall. Otherwise you can not explain the huge size of all objects in the Projection Room.
A confirmation of the giants in Romania can be found in a newspaper called “The Newspaper”:  “The team at the newspaper is accompanied by researcher Vasile Rudan, who noted that the” stories “of people from the village Bozioru about giants who lived on those lands have concrete evidence: a cemetery with skeletons of giants. It was discovered by chance over 20 years ago, when it was decided in a village called Scaieni to plant apple trees. Digging on a hill, the villagers discovered huge skeletons, measuring about 2.40 meters, even more. Dragoi Ilie, one of those who worked in the apple orchard then takes us to the spot. By the height where trees were planted, down to the steep slope on a street choked with mud. Once they arrived, Mister Ilie shows us around the orchard: “Everywhere are the tombs of the giants. We were making holes, to plant saplings, when we found a human head, as big as a pumpkin. Neither one of us had ever seen anything like that. We were all amazed. Sapping further and we found some bones of the feet, as big as the wine stakes. The dead one must have been very big.”
The library of the Universe.

Jesus had only ONE TRUE MESSAGE!

Jesus; the first whistle blower in time that we know of!

This man was not send from haven in a literal sense, it’s a way of speech to to indicate that he had redeeming words about the lies the church told the people.
Lies to keep the people under control by making them afraid of making mistakes.

This man called Jesus these days had only ONE MESSAGE; There is only one God and that’s YOU!
YOU are your own God…YOU are the one who’s in control of your own life.
There is nobody who have the power to let you do otherwise.
No ecclesiastical leader has the power to tell you to pray in a church to reach your inner-self, no ecclesiastical leader has the power to tell you when you are right or wrong, no ecclesiastical leader is authorized to kill in YOUR name!
And if they have, you let them!
YOU are your own god…you are free!

This man called Jesus these days was killed over the truth….the truth that will let you live as a free man and gives the people their own power back.




Now lets take a look into the story of the crucifixion of Jesus with an open mind…



The Lazarus Project… creating live from death-cells! And out of all extinct species, they choose this horrible frog.


Out of All Extinct Species, Science Resurrects This Horrible Frog

But before we go to the article that I found on Mail online, lets see what this really about.

A frog that give birth to its young true the mount….THAT’S NOT SO WEIRD! 

Look at this fish;

It’s nothing more that the parents protecting their young!
Those animals don’t and didn’t gave birth true the mouth, they toke the eggs in the mouth and let them hatch in safety.

This crocodile does the same; 

Now what is the real purpose of bringing back this extinct frog?

The Lazarus Project creating live from death-cells!

They can go as far as creating a human like creatures from a simple cigarette-lighter!

Scientists create living embryo of extinct frog that gives birth through its MOUTH

  • Scientists implant cells of extinct amphibian into the eggs of living relative
  • Resulting embryos began to divide and lived for several days
  • Results bring the ‘de-extinction’ of creatures like the dodo a step closer

An extinct frog is on the verge of revival after scientists used cloning technology to implant a ‘dead’ cell nucleus into a fresh egg from another frog species.

Although the resulting embryos lived for just a few days, the groundbreaking research by an international team has brought the ‘de-extinction’ of creatures like woolly mammoths a step closer.

The scientists working for the so-called Lazarus Project are yet to publish their results, but say future barriers to bringing the frog back to life are ‘technological, not biological’.

Jesus wept: Like Lazarus, the long-extinct gastric-brooding frog, Rheobatrachus silus, could be be brought back to life - some 30 years after the last living specimen died outJesus wept: Like Lazarus, the long-extinct gastric-brooding frog, Rheobatrachus silus, could be be brought back to life – some 30 years after the last living specimen died out

The project is named for the famous biblical character Lazarus who, according to the Gospel of St John, Jesus brought back from the dead after he had lain in his tomb for four days.

The achievement of the Lazarus Project team is, in some ways, almost as miraculous.

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Drones and life-nauts which can heal themselves and have the perfect weight….well there goes the weight watchers club!

Scientists develop lightest solid material ever which can balance on top of a flower

  • Chinese researchers showed off their graphene aerogel by balancing it on the petals of a cherry blossom
  • The sponge-like matter is made of freeze-dried carbon and graphene oxide and is the lightest material ever made
  • Graphene was developed nine years ago by two Russian researchers working at Manchester University


Scientists have developed a solid material so light it can be balanced atop the petals of a flower.

Researchers from Zhejiang university in Hangzhou, China, showed off their newly developed graphene aerogel by balancing a block of the stuff on a delicate cherry blossom.

The sponge-like matter is made of freeze-dried carbon and graphene oxide and is the lightest solid material in the world.

The lightest solid ever developed: A piece of graphene aerogel developed in a lab at Zhejiang University is placed on a cherry flower in Hangzhou in east China's Zhejiang provinceThe lightest solid ever developed: A piece of graphene aerogel developed in a lab at Zhejiang University is placed on a cherry flower in Hangzhou in east China’s Zhejiang province

Delicate: A comparison with this researcher's hand reveals just how puny the flower is - yet it can comfortably hold the weight of the graphene substance balanced on top of itDelicate: A comparison with this researcher’s hand reveals just how puny the flower is – yet it can comfortably hold the weight of the graphene substance balanced on top of it

With a weight of just 0.16 miligrams per cubic centimeter, it is just twice the density of hydrogen – the simplest of all elements – and less dense than helium.

First developed by two Russian scientists playing about with Scotch tape at Manchester University, graphene has already been hailed as a ‘wonder material’ that promises to transform the future.


Its discovery earned Professors Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov a joint Nobel prize in physics, with the committee making a special mention of the ‘playfulness’ of their experiments, and a knighthood each.

Wondrous: A researcher lifts a piece of graphene aerogel by the static electricity on the glass stick in a lab at Zhejiang University. The sponge-like matter is made of freeze-dried carbon and graphene oxideWondrous: A researcher lifts a piece of graphene aerogel by the static electricity on the glass stick in a lab at Zhejiang University. The sponge-like matter is made of freeze-dried carbon and graphene oxide


Superlight: Gao Chao, professor of the Department of Polymer Science and Engineering at Zhejiang University, displays the newly-developed ultra-light solid materialSuperlight: Gao Chao, professor of the Department of Polymer Science and Engineering at Zhejiang University, displays the newly-developed ultra-light solid material

In its pure state, the substance is a two-dimensional crystal of pure carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb lattice described by some as ‘atomic chickenwire’.

That makes it the thinnest material ever made. You would need to stack three million graphene sheets on top of each other to get a pile one milimetre high.

But this unique structure makes it very light and strong, with a one-square-metre sheet weighing only 0.77 milligrams – yet strong enough to support the weight of a 4kg adult cat.

A sheet of graphene as thin as clingfilm could hold the weight of an elephant. According to one calculation, an Nelly would need to balance precariously on the end of a pencil to break through that same sheet.

Despite its strength, it is also extremely flexible and can be stretched by 20 per cent without any damage, and it’s almost transparent.

It is also a superb conductor of electricity — far better than copper, traditionally used for wiring — and is the best conductor of heat on the planet.

It is also, further research discovered, an incredible filter – it blocks all liquids and gases except water, which made for the potential for one stereotypically Russian experiment by its inventors.

‘Just for a laugh, we sealed a bottle of vodka with our membranes and found that the distilled solution became stronger and stronger with time,’ said Dr Rahul Nair, who co-authored a study describing the results last year.

Atomic chickenwire: In its pure state, the substance is a two-dimensional crystal of pure carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb lattice. That makes it the thinnest material ever made, yet 200 times stronger than steelAtomic chickenwire: In its pure state, the substance is a two-dimensional crystal of pure carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb lattice. That makes it the thinnest material ever made, yet 200 times stronger than steel

Professors Geim and Novoselov serendipitously discovered graphene almost by accident while investigating the electrical properties of carbon graphite – the common material that pencils are made of.

Borrowing a technique used by microscopy researchers to clean the mineral before examining it close up, they found they could peel it into ever thinner flakes using Scotch tape.

After repeatedly sticking and peeling back the Scotch tape they realised they could get down to the thinnest layer physically possible – just one atom thick.

They then attached it to a silicon plate which allowed them to identify its tiny layers through a microscope.

Professors Andre Geim (left) and Kostya Novoselov: Discovering graphene in the course of research at Manchester University earned the pair a joint Nobel prize in physics and a knighthood eachProfessors Andre Geim (left) and Kostya Novoselov: Discovering graphene in the course of research at Manchester University earned the pair a joint Nobel prize in physics and a knighthood each

Graphene’s discovery has triggered a boom for material science, with its potential applications appearing almost limitless.

But most important of all, its core constituent, carbon, is the basic element of life, which means graphene could spur a new industrial revolution based on components that are biodegradable and sustainable.

‘We are talking of a number of unique properties combined in one material which probably hasn’t happened before,’ said Professor Novoselov in 2011.

‘You might want to compare it to plastic. But graphene is as versatile as all the plastics put together.

‘It’s a big claim, but it’s not bold. That’s exactly why there are so many researchers working on it.’

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Skyscrapers on Mars, controling the power of a volcano, hoovering Jelly-fish buildings in the cities and green-house looking like planets on earth……….


Skyscrapers of the future? The weird and wonderful architectural designs for some very unusual buildings


For seven years, architecture magazine eVolo has taken submissions from designers, artists, and architects for their most innovative ideas in its skyscraper design competition.

The designs are so outside the norm that they can look more like amoebas or lily pads than a building.

Others look like they’d be at home in a science fiction movie set hundreds of years in the future.

This year, eVolo chose a ‘Polar Umbrella’ from designer Derek Pirozzi as the winner out of 625 entries from 83 countries.

The building, which looks not unlike a jelly fish, includes research labs, eco-tourist attractions, and renewable power stations. It’s also designed to help regenerated the ice caps.

PirozziWinner: Derek Pirozzi’s ‘Polar Umbrella’ won this year’s competition with a design that could regenerate ice caps

skyscraperArt: Designs were abstract, innovative, and could resemble a work of art or something from science fiction more than a normal skyscraper


eVolo International: eVolo received 625 projects from 83 countries for this year’s contest

tower Useful: Many designs had special functions, like this tower which would convert noise pollution

tower The future: The winners were selected for creativity, ingenuity, and understanding of dynamic and adaptive vertical communities

SkyscraperSustaining humanity: The Crater Scraper is designed to keep humanity going in case of a catastrophic event like an asteroid colliding with the planet


SkyscraperNew home: Some concepts aren’t just buildings but instead are designed to replace the entire planet


SkyscraperBeauty: Many of the designs could easily fit on a museum wall

SkyscraperBold: One of the concepts harnesses the power of a volcano to supply energy for industries and housing

SkyscraperGoing green: Some of the concepts not only harness the earth’s power but find ways to renew it as well


SkyscraperFeed the world: This design would work for urban farming providing a new food source for the nation


SkyscraperNot of this world: These designs would work on Mars as humanity reaches to the stars

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Is there a 14th person in Da Vinci's painting of "the last supper" ?



The resurrection of a shape-shifting Jesus and an alien invasion!


Ooooookay…a shape-shifting Jesus hummmm, that means he is an being from outer space…from another galaxy….right?

That would mean that the old stories of China of an alien race who inhabited the earth, is a fact.

Humm, to me it looks more of a hoax article to separate us people into two group…to groups that will fight each other over religion.

During that fight  the true Massia will resurrect, with some help from H.A.A.R.P ,LRAD , NEXRAD , small DRONES and scary looking creatures born in military laboratories.

Understand the next GLOBAL HOAX!


Shape-shifting Jesus spent his last supper with Pontius Pilate, claims just-deciphered 1,200-year-old Egyptian manuscript

  • Claim explains why Judas used a kiss to betray Jesus, since he could have transformed to foil any attempt at description
  • Manuscript also claims that Pontius Pilate offered his own son for crucifixion in place of the Messiah – but Jesus declined


A 1,200-year-old Egyptian manuscript tells the story of the crucifixion with incredible plot twists – including the revelation that Jesus could change shape.

The ancient illuminated text’s claim explains why Judas used a kiss to betray Jesus, since the Christian Messiah had the ability to transform his appearance.

It also claims Jesus in fact spent his last supper with the man who ordered his execution, Roman prefect Pontius Pilate, who is said to have offered to sacrifice his own son in Jesus’ place.

Leonardo da Vinci's 'The Last Supper': A newly deciphered manuscript claims Jesus could change shape at will and in fact had his last supper with Pontius Pilate, the Roman prefect who sentenced him to deathLeonardo da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’: A newly deciphered manuscript claims Jesus could change shape at will and in fact had his last supper with Pontius Pilate, the Roman prefect who sentenced him to death

And it defies the official Easter timeline by putting the day of Jesus’ arrest on Tuesday evening, rather than the canonically agreed Thursday.

The translation from the original Coptic has been revealed for the first time in a new book by Roelof van den Broek, emeritus professor of the History of Christianity at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.


In the commonly-accepted Bible story it is claimed that the apostle Judas agrees to betray Jesus in exchange for cash, then kissed him to reveal his identity.

‘The Jews said to Judas: How shall we arrest him [Jesus], for he does not have a single shape but his appearance changes. Sometimes he is ruddy, sometimes he is white, sometimes he is red, sometimes he is wheat coloured, sometimes he is pallid like ascetics, sometimes he is a youth, sometimes an old man…’ it reads.

For a man who could walk on water, raise the dead, feed 5,000 people with just a single loaf of bread and a fish, and turn water into wine, such abilities are perhaps unsurprising.

But shapeshifting is not the only superpower the ancient manuscript attributes to Jesus – it also says that he could even turn himself invisible.

It claims that on the night before his crucifixion, Jesus ate dinner with Pontius Pilate, the Roman prefect who decided his sentence – who, it is said, remarkably offered his son to be crucified in place of the Messiah.

Jesus declined the offer, explaining that if he could escape from his fate if he wanted to.

‘Pilate, then, looked at Jesus and, behold, he became incorporeal: He did not see him for a long time,’ the text says.

Later that night, according to the manuscript, Pilate and his wife dreamed of an eagle representing Jesus being killed.

The incredible text, which is thought to be some 1,200 years old, is written in the name of St Cyril of Jerusalem, although, Professor van den Broek says, it was probably written by someone else.

Back then it was looked after by monks at the Monastery of St Michael in the desert of north-west Egypt, south of Cairo.

The text was rediscovered in 1910 and, the following year, it was bought along with other manuscripts by the wealthy Wall Street financier JP Morgan.

Morgan’s collections were later given to the public and they are now kept in the Morgan Library and Museum in New York City.

A scene from the film 'The Passion of the Christ': The new manuscript offers a very different account of the days and events leading up to the death of Jesus from the conventional one given by the BibleA scene from the film ‘The Passion of the Christ’: The new manuscript offers a very different account of the days and events leading up to the death of Jesus from the conventional one given by the Bible

Professor van den Broek told LiveScience that the Bible was already canonised in Egypt by the time the text was written, but that such apocryphal stories nevertheless remained popular among believers.

He said he was not convinced that the monk who wrote down the story necessarily believed all the details in it, ‘but some details, for instance the meal [Pontius Pilate had] with Jesus, he may have believed to have really happened.’

‘The people of that time, even if they were well-educated, did not have a critical historical attitude,’ he added. ‘Miracles were quite possible, and why should an old story not be true?’

Professor van den Broek’s book, Pseudo-Cyril of Jerusalem on the Life and the Passion of Christ, is out now, published by Brill.
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A recently uncovered fragment of ancient papyrus makes the explosive suggestion that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were man and wife, researchers say.

The 8cm by 4cm fragment supports an undercurrent in Christian thought that undermines centuries of Church dogma by suggesting the Christian Messiah was not celibate.

The centre of the fragment contains the bombshell phrase where Jesus, speaking to his disciples, says ‘my wife’, which researchers believe refers to Magdalene.


 The small, ancient script that claims Jesus had a wifeIn the text, Jesus appears to be defending her against some criticism, saying ‘she will be my disciple’. Two lines later he then tells the disciples: ‘I dwell with her.’

If genuine, the document casts doubt on a centuries old official representation of Magdalene as a repentant whore and overturns the Christian ideal of sexual abstinence.

However, since the papyrus emerged last November, scholars have queued up to cast doubt on its authenticity.

The newly-deciphered text explains that, far from a sign of affection or guilt, the kiss was Judas’ way of forestalling any shape-shifting confusion.



THE BLACK POPE IS FINALLY ELECTED! Newly elected Pope Francis the first becomes the third non-Italian Pope in a row and is a member of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits).

Although the Superior General of the order called the black pope, shall have the order never a pope produced.

The Superior General of the Society of Jesus is the official title of the leader of the Society of Jesus—the Roman Catholic religious order, also known as the Jesuits. He is generally addressed as Father General. The position sometimes carries the derogatory nickname of the Black Pope, after his simple black priest‘s vestments, as contrasted to the white garb of the Pope. The current Superior General is the Reverend FatherAdolfo Nicolás.

“…whom he, as superior of the Society of Jesus of Argentina…”

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Knowing now that this new pope is a member of the Jesuit society, that he is Superior General and therefore "The Black Pope"....lets look to this headline from a Mail online article about the new pope:
"Can the first pontiff born outside Europe for 1,300 years clean up his troubled church? Argentinian Pope, 76, is named Francis I."
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Again, they KNOW who he is!"The Prophecy of the Popes’ is an intriguing old book made up of a sequential collection of events purporting to describe the life of 112 popes from the Twelfth Century’s Celestine II (1143-44) to ‘Peter the Roman’, the new, incoming 2013 Pope whose pontificate, according to the prophecies, will be the last. This fascinating list of brief prophecies about the Vatican’s pontiffs was published in a book called, ‘Lignum Vitae’ written in Latin by Arnold de Wyon in 1595. Wyon was a Benedictine historian, and he attributed the origin of the prophecies to St. Malachy O’Morgair (1095-1148), a 12th Century bishop of Armagh in Northern Ireland. These short cryptic phrases consist of a single line written in an ingenious form of word play that gives a clue to the characteristics of each consecutive pope over an 800-year period. Wyon claims to have found ‘The Prophecy of the Popes’ in 1590 in the Church’s archives." Read more

Jezuïeten hadden tot nu alleen ‘zwarte paus’


De Sociëteit van Jezus (jezuïeten), waartoe de nieuwe paus behoort, is met ongeveer 19.000 leden de grootste religieuze orde in de Rooms-Katholieke Kerk. Hoewel de generaal-overste van de orde wel eens de zwarte paus wordt genoemd, heeft de orde nog nooit een paus voortgebracht.


De orde is in Nederland onder meer bekend door zijn scholen. Scholen als het Canisius College in Nijmegen en het Aloysius College in Den Haag golden als opleidingsinstituten voor de katholieke elite. Onder anderen oud-premier Ruud Lubbers, D66-oprichter Hans van Mierlo, oud-PvdA-politicus Erik Jurgens en vele kinderen van katholieke ondernemers hebben een opleiding gevolgd aan een middelbare school van de jezuïeten. De orde richt zich erop in alle takken van wetenschappen vertegenwoordigers te hebben.

De orde is in 1534 opgericht door een groep vrienden rond de Spanjaard Inigo Lopez de Loyola, beter bekend als Ignatius van Loyola. Hij was de zoon van een edelman en leidde een losbandig leven tot hij in 1521 tijdens de Franse belegering van de Noord-Spaanse stad Pamplona gewond raakte. Hij kwam tot inkeer en maakte in 1534 een pelgrimsreis naar Palestina. In 1540 keurde paus Paulus III de statuten van de orde goed. Bij de dood van Ignatius in 1556 had de orde al meer dan 1000 leden.

In de 18e eeuw zetten vooral de Franse koningen en geestelijken de paus onder druk om de orde te verbieden. Zij vonden haar te machtig. Clemens XIV gaf toe aan die druk en hief de jezuïeten in 1773 op. De vorsten Frederik de Grote van Pruisen en Catharina II van Rusland trokken zich niets van het pauselijk besluit aan, waardoor de orde in hun vorstendom bleef voortbestaan. Bovendien kwam het verbod nooit aan in het Verre Oosten, India en China.

In 1814 herstelde paus Pius VII de orde. Vooral de in Amsterdam geboren Jan Philip Roothaan heeft als 21e generaal-overste (1829-1853) zich zeer ingespannen voor de opbouw van de jezuïeten. Hij wordt wel de tweede stichter van de orde genoemd. Ook recentelijk stond een Nederlander aan het hoofd van de jezuïeten. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach was van 1983 tot en met 2008 generaal-overste. Hij kwam aan de leiding van de jezuïeten, nadat paus Johannes Paulus II zijn zieke voorganger Pedro Arrupe aan de kant had geschoven. De paus vond dat de jezuïeten te veel hun eigen weg gingen en plaatste twee paters aan het hoofd die hen weer in het gareel moesten brengen.