Month: June 2012

What is Led zeppelin saying????


Stairway To Heaven (Whole Song Backwards) with lyrics

And this is how the music industry is presenting it:—4xQYA

Cyber war is a real future…FIGHT against it!

Why do we need to go so fast if we never will leave this earth?

Is it because someone knows how to survive  for instance a nuclear war…by fleeting in to space, to seek shelter in the already existing space stations?

You ain’t going to tell me that you really believe that NASA suddenly no longer went into space … because unexplained light (UFOs) flew around in space.
Oh come on … I tell you, they never left the universe!
Think about it, Japan is pretty far with the technology mainly in the field of robots (actriods).
What if they had a contract back than… and Japan sent one (or more) of their Actriods in to space?
For these are the things they will not tell us of course…it ill never come into the media!
What if these Actriods built the last period a space station so the elite can survive their own created nuclear WW III…they ill be save in space and save for the fall-out?
An Actriod has no need for food, water and oxygen while they can work 24/7 without complaining.

Now … is the reason that everything has to go so incredibly fast that they need shuttle ships?

To build up stocks and to dispose their garbage?
Do they want us to be  chipped slaves with RFID so we are easier to be traced from one of those space stations?

Are Actriods and drones a fact to the future slaves (people) to monitor and control the NWO policy?

It sounds futuristic but think about it … the possibility … because why else do we have so many high-tech on this earth.
To let the peppers to grow faster … to feed the goldfish when you’re on vacation…in order to open a bottle of beer if you watch football?!

HELL NO … the use of the RFID-chip and the drones is cleare as water, about the other technology  that is still rather vague but that they will use it against us that is a fact!
HOW and WHEN, that’s a question I can’t answer yet. …04.44 listen to the volume that is turned up a bit at the moment when Obama is saying that hackers are dangerous...this is a form of mind control!

The real cyber crime is being (and still is) done by the CIA, FBI, Secret Service and Government…the ones who are supposed to protect us!

Thank God the real hacker is not disappeared yet!! 

Cyber war is a real future…WAKE UP and FIGHT against it!

Don’t let them control you!

We don’t want to live in the matrix, we do not need GM-food…we need clear water and healthy food!


Let people live like people…SAY NO TO THE FEDERAL SLAVERY!!!

Stand the fuck up…come out of that chair and fight these crazy lunatics who call themselves leaders … hear what they say and what they want!


FIGHT GODDAMNED FIGHT, stand together and be a part of the resistance against the NWO!


Don’t you find it stranges that only the people who are belong to the elite, do all the inventions?

We always talk about the fact that the ancient Egyptians were an intelligent nation … that they knew much about astrology, measurement and engineering.
Also the Mayans and the Incas can not escape of our amazement about what these people knew.
But did you know that the Romans already had floor heating?… they let hot water run through brick tunnels under the houses.
Did you know that the Romans knew of the existence of the Hamburger? … did you know that in parts of Africa they have build huts that are sandstorm-proof?

Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci is the father of the car (1335) and not H.Ford (1896).

Did you know that tattoos only in Europe came after Columbus returned from his journeys over the sea?

Did you know that we are not as stupid as we think we are?
For the past 72 year they are putting chemicals in our drinking water…to keep us stupid so they (the NWO lunatics ) can play for God.
Don’t you find it stranges that only the people who are belong to the elite, do all the inventions?

Einstein, Freud, Da Vinci, Ford, Harper, Bell, Newton, Watt, etc etc.

1900 – aspirin and psychotherapy (Freud)

1901 – vacuum cleaner
1902 – Air Conditioning
1903 – first flight in a plane
1904 – Radar
1905 – Einstein’s theory of relativity
1909 – plastic
1911 – improved incandescent tungsten
1915 – Tank Track invented
1923 – TV invented by Scotsman John Logie Baird
1924 – invented by Birdseye frozen foods
1925 – record music using a microphone
1926 – rockets with liquid fuel
1927 – Radio
1930 – First draft turbo engine by Frank Whittle
1937 – caddy developed in the USA
1944 – automatic calculator invented in the U.S.
1944 – Germans developed rocket (V2-weapon)
1945 – Microwaves (MW) invented in the U.S.
1946 – First Computer (ENIAC)
1947 – broken sound barrier (> 1000 km / h)
1950 – invented credit cards
1950 – the “pill” invented / birth
1953 – DNA discovered
1957 – Launch of the first satellite, Sputnik I
1969 – People on the Moon
1973 – mountain bike (bicycle) developed in USA
1979 – CD invented by Philips and Sony
1983 – discovery of the cause of AIDS
1989 – Internet
1997 – cloning of humans or animals

to find more inventions,

What they do is the following … they give people a job as a Professor who will tell us how the ancient world is put together … the same is done with archaeologists, psychiatrists, teachers.
These people do not know better or they tell the truth about what happened, but in reality they are same as the Pharaoh who was married to Nefertiti (if I should believe that story).
This Pharaoh came to power and changed the complete belief of the Egyptians at that time… he let erase all images of the gods to be replaced by one God, that of the sun (Ra).
It will therefore not surprise me if the content of NWO are descended from this family … they are just as crazy and want a world that they can rule themselves.

We are not stupid, we are tolled that we are stupid…and with a little help from the chemicals in our water and food…they can keep us stupid! …US????? Who is he talking about?! …White people…Illuminati…the Government…Satanic Hollywood????

Use the 100% of your brain instate of the 35%…and WAKE THE FUCK UP!



Is a Fake Alien Invasion Imminent?


Civilian drones vulnerable to hackers, can be hijacked, used as missiles

While having coffee and trying to clear the sleep cobwebs from my brain, I saw a headline that reminded me of Black Ops 2 casting Anonymous as cyber-terrorists hacking drones for targeted killings. Fox News claimed, “Drones vulnerable to terrorist hijacking.” Surely this was satire, a spoof? After reading about and watching a video titled “Drones Can be Hijacked and Used as Missiles,” I discovered the spoof part was right, but it was GPS spoofing by researchers that proved malicious hackers or terrorists could take control of civilian drones.

read more:

YES…lets use those drones against them, hahaha….lets see how they feel  when they are being threatened by hovering robots in their front lawn !

But remember people…if we are goining to trow bombs and killing people, we are no beter than they are…so we have to think before we take action!

We have to fight together and not separate… hacking is not such a bad idea … right?

Like I said…there strength is their WEAKNESS!!!! 



Yellowstone, Denver Airport, the death zone in New Mexico, Las Vegas, Nervada Dessert and Area 51…what do they have in common?

Yellowstone, Denver Airport, the death zone in New Mexico, Las Vegas, Nervada Dessert and Area 51…what do they have in common?

Denver airporte: The Denver Airport Conspiracy.
The death zone (new Mexico):
Las Vegas: white collar crime?
Area 51: Erea 51…a military base or are we really visited by the extraterrestrial?
Now connect all the places together… I bet you can draw a pentgram in there!
When you look at the picture above you can see that they all arround Utah… in witch a wide open salty area lays that is used to test lots of vehicles and their speed.

So, what are they doing there?
Creating hybrids?… messing whit our DNA?…working on advanced airplanes?…
What is the use of the heavy surveillance of Area 51 … do they want to keep people out or do they want something else to keep INSIDE?

Is H.A.A.R.P a part of area 51?

Is the LHC a part of secret projects of the Government (NWO) performed in this area?
Is Yellowstone a natural dumping place for nuclear waste?

I Denver airport a storage room for advanced technology?

Is the money, gathered in Las Vegas, a financial container to finance the secret projects who are performed in this area?

Why did they build it into the ground…because it is a secret?

Bullshit!…in the White House they also discussed everything about our future, and that is also not built underneath the ground?!

So why are they shooting people because they cross an imaginary line which is marked with a small orange pole?

 (I will be back on this one really soon)





Drones and Actroids …people are probably useless in the future!

New AD-150 UAV – “Hunter Killer” Terminator drones


Army of the Future: Russian combat Robots


That’s Impossible: Real Terminators


Drone surveillance in the US? Alex Jones says ‘the whole world is in danger’


The Real Casualties of the Drone War


Drones are NOT our friends!!!

by Maria Anna van Driel


Today I had a conversation with someone who is convinced that Drones do not exist!
He told me I was crazy … because is it not possible that our leaders allow people being arrested with radio controlled children’s toys!
It is impossible that such technology exist, they are not nearly that far!

And it goes on and on and on…so NO drones don’t exist…it is E.T. who want to drink a cup of coffee whit you!

Come on man…is is real!…the drones are arresting people already!

Drones over US to get weaponized – so far, non-lethally



NOT LETHAL???…yes they are lethal!

When you put tear-gas and rubber bullets in those things, a bullet of lead is the next step!


Drones are NOT our friends!




  Drones are going GLOBALLY! 





‘First American Arrested by Aid of Drone Argues 4th Amendment Violation’….

Phew! Those Unmanned EPA ‘Drones’ Spying On Farmers Were Really Just Manned Airplanes!
NO, you are right drones don’t exist, I’m crazy… I seem to suffer from a drone disease!
But when I say that is a spaceship from Mars and that the marians are comming in peace to teach us…than I’m not crazy?
I can sho you thousands and thousands of articles about Drones who are flying armend through the streets and over countries and spying in to your homes!

Aaaaarrrggh…I want to scream when I hear this!!!…I want to shake those people literal awake!

Goddamn…don’t you see what the are doing?!

Armed drones hoovering in front of your home… watching you children?

But you must admit, you have to love them!
They keep us save IN our homes…we even don’t have to go to the supermarket , no more worries about pickpockets and robberies.

And they look so cute

But what about this…

No, they are right and I’m wrong by saying that nano drones are already a part of our society…and I’m really a lunatic when I say (and mark mine words) that there will be drones whit a mind of their own, a program to kill as it thinks that you are stepping over the line!

Japan is already thinking of putting this kind of program in their Actroids!

It will kill you when you don’t obey the law…THE NWO LAW!
We are so lucky to live their agenda!




UFO Nearly Causes Collision in Denver – May 14, 2012

Hahahaha…yeah right…brids??

It as probably one of those military drones that they also used during 9/11!


US military surveillance future: Drones now come in swarms?

Do you remember this?

Oke, make some jokes and release those damn mosquitoes…because not only the POOR PEOPLE should have the experiences to enjoy to slow death they planed for us.

They want not only to break down our free will and to control us…NOOOOO…they also want the money from the rich…they want it all!!



A small insect or a mosquito over your ear may now be much more than simply annoying. Those could easily be micro drones which now come in a swarm of bug-sized flying spies.


But it is not only in the U.S. , Israel is also works hard to build a high-tech fauna!




The future is here and this is not a butterfly on your wall, as Israeli drones are getting tiny. Their latest project – a butterfly-shaped drone weighing just 20 grams – the smallest in its range so far – can gather intelligence inside buildings.


A Swarm of Nano Quadrotors

Now you know what they can do more with the RFID-chip once you have one implanted.

Japan and DARPA is providing the drones, Bill Gates the software, MIT is testing, Area 51 is one of the places the can build the bigger once and Deventer Airport can be the storage for it.


Well let me think here for a moment….

  • The Bohemia club… a fishing trip for lunatics!
  • Skull and Bones… a school for disturbed Satan supporters!
  • The Illuminati… an elite club … those pathetic guys like the Rockefeller’s and the Rothschilds also want to belong to some  mysterious club!
  • The knights of Malta…  to feel yourself important is necessary to uphold your ego!
  • The Vatican… well, you have to tell someone how much you murdered this time!
  • and the rest of the so calledimported club’s are nothing more then meetings for the rich who have nothing more to do then talking about the new boat they have leased.

Do you want to know how stupid rich people are? RIGHT!

Back to the nanao drones…this is our future is we do noting against it!



American police officers may soon be able to use unmanned aircraft not only for surveillance, but also for offensive action. The drones may be equipped to fire rubber rounds and tear gas.


They say these drones are not lethal…not lethal?…do you believe that for real?…those things are ARMED!!!!

YES they are lethal!!!

NO those drones are not to protect and serve the population but to keep us in line…they have  to protect the ELITE not us!

One day…mark mine words…those drones ill be programmed whit a ‘kill modes’ that they may perform if their program says its against the law. this was 4 years ago…and this theology is taking over our existence step by step. the programs are already here to let those drones think for themselfs and to solve problems. they look so sweet but they are LETHAL!!! how long before the drones are going to turn against us …

(yeah lady, follow the command and don’t think for yourself)