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The October issue of Paranormal Underground Magazine … a magazine which gives you the chills!

Yes, the October issue of Paranormal Underground Magazine available containing 8 creepy Ouija board movies, and “Haunted Marquette” author Tyler R. Tichelaar.
But also California’s haunted Preston Castle, werewolves and lycanthropy, and the exorcism of Clarita Villanueva.

And if you didn’t had enough moments of fear, let some chills slight down your spine by reading personal encounters with dark witches, shapeshifters, and skinwalkers; and tales from a first-time ghost hunter.

Have an eerie time reading the creepy and mind blowing articles of PU Magazine.
(page 50; my latest and personal experience in the world of unexplained events)

Good night and … don’t let those eerie bedbugs bite!

Happy Halloween!


Journalism behind the scenes: Fortress Königstein…Sachsen, Germany


Journalists are people too.

journalist1“A journalist/reporter is a person who is reporting the news. Regardless if they work on their own (“freelance”) or for a newspaper, magazine, a radio or television programme, researching, writing, and reporting news information is their main goal.”

There you are, nervously waiting for the journalist/reporter to step on your terrain, to invade your work-space and maybe even jump into the darkest corners of your private life. Than they arrive … looking like a pack of hungry wolves, armed with all kind of terrible creepy questions, looking you straight in the eye and impenetrable in what they really think. Microphones and camera’s are being unpacked and put into position, and not only the gazing lenses of the camera(s) are aimed at … YOU … also the strict looks of the Journalist/reporter, camera-man and maybe even those of the whole freaking world are aimed directly at you!

Okay, that scenario would scare the hell out of me too 🙂 But we know that you are feeling a bit uncomfortable and maybe thinking; “Oh my god, they are going to penetrate my soul and rip it apart before I am truly death!” As a journalist I have to say, Yes I am penetrating your soul because I need to understand who I am talking to but no, I am not going to rip you apart 😉

Unfortunately, there are journalists/reporters who use a form of aggression and can be immense irritating in their behavior but, speaking about myself, when I am walking in the back I am not able to hear what you have to say and that is the reason why I push myself to the front … it’s not journalistic aggression, it’s because my recording equipment can not bridge the sound of your voice over a hundred meters.

This is our (sometimes dangerous) job,


…we are just people who are asking questions about your claims, work, experiences … and yes, they are direct questions with a psychological touch. If we do not do this, we would never get an answer to work with meaning that the (your) story is not going to be published in a manner as it is supposed to be.

Therefore, the next time a journalist/reporter is standing in-front of you, know that he or she does not have the intention to rip you to pieces or to find that one particular comment in order to criticize you … they are just looking for the most interesting stories they can get their hands on.


Journalism behind the scenes…at the CERN.

Being in and around the CERN (and its projects) from 19th till the 22th of July was very…VERY interesting!



Journalism behind the scenes (Black Forest, Germany)


Journalism behind the scenes: Moritz castle & the Hell house

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Journalism behind the scenes at … castle Frankenstein

Every time we are researching a haunted building/area … there are always energies who are constantly occupied with preventing the real story getting out.
But … humor is the best shield when it comes to paranormal research.

ps: The night turned out to be completely different!