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Monday 15 April,2019; A fire destroyed the Notre Dame

Many, many people in the world have watched the images via their television or via You Tube with a feeling of shock. A church providing 13 million visitors each year that much beauty and history is gone with in a few hours. So sad ;(

As I heard the words; “The Notre Dame is on fire!” I could not believe it. I truly thought it was a joke but it did not take me long to jump into reality… the Notre Dame was indeed being destroyed by a tremendous fire. Centauries of history started to disappear in a thick black smoke while the fire. What can I say, it is indeed a devastating tragedy for many.

The latest news tells us that there where no human casualties. Thank god for that.

Watch Live: Notre Dame Cathedral In Paris On Fire | NBC News 

Fire devastates Notre-Dame, beloved architectural gem at heart of Paris


PU Magazine; ‘Does Diabolus (or Satan) Really Exist?

Forget all the common silly talk concerning what is yet unknown to us.
The May issue of “Paranormal Underground” magazine, is available and is pulling back the curtains on which it is we all fear.
Those who want to dive deep into what is really laying beyond the visible spectrum can read inhere the stories real people have experienced … and are now telling it to YOU!

This month PU magazine is spotlighting Dr. Scott Kolbaba, author of “Physicians’ Untold Stories”; paranormal romance author Elle Boon; and the new “Demon House” documentary directed by Zak Bagans and much more!


Are gluon plasma’s or QGP’s the cause of all life forms on this globe?


Scientific Evidence and Proof That Ghosts Exist

Are ghosts real?


People have been asking themselves this question for thousands of years.
But despite widespread sightings and stories dating back over millennia, we still have no definitive proof that spirits actually exist.

Believers say the skeptics are blind to the evidence that’s right in front of them.
Skeptics say any paranormal evidence likely has a rational explanation, and those who chase ghosts are fooling themselves.

Who is right, who is wrong, and where is the proof?





Is one of my paintings possessed?!

Two days ago I painted this malevolent image of one of those creatures I frequently see passing by or swirling around lampposts when dusk is falling.

During the time I was putting the paint on the canvas I felt as if it was slowly coming to live.
My imagination perhaps … could be, but the strange stumbling sounds I heard while painting this I cannot explain at the moment.

Now the crazy and eerie part concerning this creepy painting; It took me 6 hours to finish it and … the strangest part … yesterday evening around 23.00, a small photo album materialized in the bedroom of one of children.
Nobody in our family have ever seen this photo album nor does anyone of us recognize it!

Did I really paint something macabre what gained energy?!



The Source of Immortality…a strange and hidden truth.

Some people have asked me why I edit those 30 seconds in the beginning of my book-trailer of ‘The Source of Immortality’… let me explain the forgotten language of it which is known by many as ‘symbolism’.

At first you see me walking in the distance, this is not trying to create certain dram effects.
If you look to the overall of this image you can see that I am walking towards 5 arches which are standing for the five elements; Water, Fire, Air, Earth and the Universe.
(some people speak of wood, metal or rock)

The closed door is standing for the secrets in/of life as well as in and from the mind, secrets which can only be unlocked after we have overcome our personal fear(s) of the Freud-system; Id, Ego and Super-ego, the three parts of the psychic apparatus and all developing in the different stages we encounter in our lives.

Many of my video’s do contain this ancient (as well as medieval) language, a language which is better known as ‘subliminal messages’ and used today as a mild form of mind-control in e.g. TV-commercials to let you buy something.

Understanding the danger of this language (which I frequently speak of in my books), equals creating ‘critical thinking’ what gives you the power of peeking behind the screens of today’s suppressing system.



The Source of Immortality…a strange and hidden truth.


An ancient secret knowledge in which the difficulty lies in simplicity

you-though-you-knewMany people asked me over time what the knowledge is I am talking about … what is the secret of the Knights Templar?

But before you can understand this in all its glory and simplicity, you have to walk a personal path in both spirituality and ancient science (e.g. Al-Khemet).
Walk this path as a mystic and without fear … your faith will guide you during your journey and gives you the strength you will need in difficult times.

Which path you decide to walk is entirely up to you … there is no wrong nor a right path … do not force yourself to possess the knowledge, led it lead you to that glorious moment in-where you may hear the vibrations of the words; ‘Welcome home’.


Paranormal Underground Radio commercial about my books

My commercial can be heard at 1 hour and 27 minutes into the program of Paranormal Underground Radio;


‘Do the Black Monks Possess a Secret Knowledge in Time-Compression?’

The issue of September, 2016 of Paranormal Underground Magazine is available for all who are curious of what the unknown and unseen of the paranormal world is still hiding or … even can reveal.


‘Do the Black Monks Possess a Secret Knowledge in Time-Compression?’

“There I was sitting in an old chapel underneath the ruins of a German monastery.
Confused over what just happened and at the same time experiencing an extreme euphoric sensation overwhelmed me, a feeling what was hardly to suppress.
Did I really saw what I saw; could it be that I witness a medieval exorcism?
Was I being led through time by a dark or … an enlightened energy or was it just my imagination playing tricks with me?
What was the message behind this and who was that senior monk asking me “Haben Sie es gesehen?” (Did you saw it?)”