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Parapsychology-deniers“, Do They Have Some Special Veto Power(s)?

By Maria Anna van Driel

Parapsychologists. What comes to mind first when hearing this term? Correct! A bunch of crazy people who asking for research funding to proof the existence of white, free flying, bedding having an intelligence and mind-reading while looking into a piece of glass for instance. And all because they “think” that all that lies just outside the reach of our (familiar) visible spectrum is…real.

Throughout history, people have reported events that seem to violate the common sense view of space and time. Some psychologists have been at the forefront of investigating these phenomena with sophisticated research protocols and theory, while others have devoted much of their careers to criticizing the field.

It is unfortunate to see that too many are still expressing their doubts and thus instantly rejecting the authenticity of this field of research. I wonder why that is? Are you really that afraid of the possibility that, for instance, mental events might influence physical objects at a distance? Or that someone can read your diary while not physically being present?   

Let me ask you a reasonable question; do you believe in God? I mean, do you accept the “evidence“ provided by a priest blindly when he or she is telling you that they are special because God is speaking through him or her and that you are not able to do this? Why is that…does a priest have a special gift or some kind of “telepathic super power“?

Another question that comes to mind is, mainstream science labels Near-Death-Experiences as nonsense or pseudoscience. But when we place those same people in a church, they listen to the biblical story of Jesus Christ rising from the death which, according to the bible, was witnessed by several people at the same time. Not to mention Lucifer or the behaviours and actions of all the other myriad angles and demons what is so fearful described in the holy writings. Were these events, noted down on papyrus and vellums, all the fantasies of people experiencing heat stroke or had they eaten a little too much monatomic gold?

Anyway, it is truly remarkable to see that many accept the words echoing through a church, but demand cold, hard data, which should provide irrefutable evidence for its (non) existence, when similar words are coming from someone who is not wearing a cassock. I assume that these same people are listening a bit too much to this minority group of…um, well, “parapsychology-deniers“. Do they have some special veto power(s) that they can impose on the majority?

No, I am neither attacking religion of accepted science in any form. I am only stating that many of the unexplainable events, historical or not, are not approached with an open-mind and contains this infamous layer of negativity what is better known as…taboo.

Did you know that the word “taboo“ implies that investigating the topic is strictly forbidden and that anyone who dares to defy the taboo can expect severe punishment?

However, even though it is fact that mainstream science tends not to take parapsychology seriously and saying that if parapsychology has not won a widespread acceptance, because of the faults within the subject itself rather than alleged bigotry on the part of scientists and that it seems to exist mainly in the minds of parapsychology believers, it is not “proof” for acting irrational and rejecting the claims made.

If you can accept Einstein’s or Tesla’s thoughts concerning time travel than why is it so hard to acknowledge that there is a legit truth in what has been criticized by some in the mainstream science? 

As always, I leave it up to you whether it is all real or not. But I think we shouldn’t sweep the possibility that parapsychologists are on to something, under the rug.

Does Diabolus (or Satan) Really Exist?!

“My name is legion, for we are many!”

By Maria Anna van Driel,

Johann Georg Faust, William Shakespeare, Leonardo Davinci, Dante Alighieri what is their connection? Does it lay in their work which is speaking of an enchanter feeling rising a connection between different deities which they named Diabolus or Mephistopheles? Or is the musical speech they heard while a fine-tuned insanity was slowly being applied to their worlds, in a spiritual duality? A world in where an addiction of scattered beauty rose from a hallucinating imprisonment of the soul whereas thoughts are being whipped out … or at least, neutralized as they are blazed away in an unknown and darkened labyrinth. Where their minds trapped inside a “realm” of those who have rejected spiritual values by means of violence or malice against superficial human sanity which made them a wanderer? An einzelgänger who gained the powers of walking a mystical path of creation and transformation of the brilliancy their vivid imagination provided them?

Totally obsessed, as we are these days, with being friendly to the fire lying between the two trees of life, it seems we are in the cross-hairs of this invisible war in separating us from the love of Jesus. His love is there for those with ears. But as leaves blushing at the sight of autumn, a malicious dream is showing you a way out of your remote mazes in life.

“Thou winged seeds, where they lie cold and low, each like a corpse within its grave, until thine azure sister of the spring shall blow”

Diabolus, Satan, Satanael, Lucifer or, as some believe, Mithras a solar deity and bore the title of Sol Invictus, “Invincible Sun”; is everything you know about the opponent of God really wrong?! Are Demons nothing more than the unsolved mysteries of the mind and reveal themselves in the existence of an unbearable puzzle provided by the Basaltic? Solving this puzzle, in this you will succeed or fail … but whatever the outcome, the responsibility of your choice is yours only to bear.

Who is the devil? Is this creature a noble knight, understanding the balanced melodies in the speech and the teachings of poetry causing you to ride with him? I this creature a passionate knight, as he sharing with you the beauty of infinity what is mirroring his emporium?

As this creature is showing you his fragile heart, you will be swallowed by his sprightly and tender dance. In a trance you will be swept of your feet as you reveal to him your deepest secrets. You wait and wait for him to return as you slowly understand; he has caught you in the blinding beauty of his fiery existence.

According to the bible, the devil was once beautiful and was full of beauty and wisdom as his name was Lucifer, meaning “Day Star.” As God dressed him in the finest jewels and placed him on the Holy Mountain, the devil decided he wanted to be above his creator. God disagreed and kicked him out of heaven to Earth and it has been a battle ever since.

When the peace of our world was threatened by this great demon, humanity had no hope of prevailing against such a potent force of violence and despair. He sought to destroy this world by inducing drought, thirst and starvation. Being in our darkest hours, the great hero Mithras sprang forth from the stone, or the navel, of the world and took up the orb of the Cosmos in his protective embrace. From his bow, he let fly an arrow that struck the earth and from this wound came a renewing spring, which rejuvenated the Earth. Still the threat of destruction persisted and with the assistance of the moon-mother, Selene, the vital fluids of life were scattered in a gigantic bull on earth.

Mithras burned away the withered trees and forced the great bull (the beast) out in the open. He captured the bull and dragged it underground into the bowels of the Earth where he wrestled it and plunged his dagger into its chest. Trees sprang from the wound, bees were born from its blood and all of the earth was rejuvenated by this great sacrifice.

In the beginning God created time (the beginning), space (the heavens), and matter (Earth) and said; “Let there be light.”

Looking at the Universe today we see that it is expanding and cooling, meaning that all the matter in it was closer together  (as the radiation in it was hotter) in the past. And if we had the possibility to go back to a sufficiently early time, we will find that the density was high enough as the temperature was hot enough that it would be an impossible task forming neutral atoms without them immediately being blasted apart! Then, as the Universe cooled down through a phase of expanding … neutral atoms were formed for the first time.

“He had two sons, an older one named ‘Satanael’ and a younger one named ‘Christ.’ Satanael had superior rank to Christ in Heaven, and sat at God’s right hand until he became dissatisfaction with his subservient position, lusted after power, angered God, and was cast out of heaven.”

Can we see this behavior in a similar manner an electron-positron pair can be created by that strange transformation? A transformation whereby a tiny spark of light started to glow as it gained a form of static electricity what made it enter a state in where it had the ability to copy itself in a mirrored manner which, when looking at the electron, should be the positron.

Hum, perhaps we can explain the origin of this malevolent creature. An ancient creature we call Satan, seeking to seduce humans into falsehood and sin (sine) by providing the beauty of expressing the melodies of the heart in words after the smoke of desire has cleared the skies of the imagination. A vivid dream in where a sweet poison has spawn from a future illusion whereas it is creating an enchant feeling of false love where you can be free from danger or threat.

According to theoretical physicist John Archibald Wheeler (July 9, 1911 – April 13, 2008), the mirrored version of the electron could be hiding itself, in what we know today from particle physics, the proton. But if he was really serious about his own comment is still unknown.

Still, even if Theoretical physicist J. Wheeler was joking concerning the behavior of the electron’s anti-particle, a teaching from the bible did rose into my mind; “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” So, behaving as a particle, the electron prevents the consciousness from realizing that it is part of a larger whole where it is zipping in all directions through this empty pitch black place whereas it is bouncing off on magnetic fields. And even being ‘one’ electron, it has now the behavior of looking like being at million places at once due the fact, we are looking at its behavior in a 2D manner while it is moving in a 3 or 4D space. But when the electron behaves as a wave, consciousness becomes aware of its existence outside the human mind, which makes OBE (Out of Body Experience) and NDE (Near Death Experience) possible.

So, if the electron represents ‘matter’ and its complementary counterpart, the positron, represents ‘antimatter’, can we speak of a, in a scientific but cryptic description by the bible, of both a galactic duality and a spiritual one?

Can we truly apply this biblical story to such a particle as the electron-positron pair? Or do we have to read ‘his’ existence in the astrological and mythological versions of how this ancient creature was born?


Monday 15 April,2019; A fire destroyed the Notre Dame

Many, many people in the world have watched the images via their television or via You Tube with a feeling of shock. A church providing 13 million visitors each year that much beauty and history is gone with in a few hours. So sad ;(

As I heard the words; “The Notre Dame is on fire!” I could not believe it. I truly thought it was a joke but it did not take me long to jump into reality… the Notre Dame was indeed being destroyed by a tremendous fire. Centauries of history started to disappear in a thick black smoke while the fire. What can I say, it is indeed a devastating tragedy for many.

The latest news tells us that there where no human casualties. Thank god for that.

Watch Live: Notre Dame Cathedral In Paris On Fire | NBC News 

Fire devastates Notre-Dame, beloved architectural gem at heart of Paris



PU Magazine; ‘Does Diabolus (or Satan) Really Exist?

Forget all the common silly talk concerning what is yet unknown to us.
The May issue of “Paranormal Underground” magazine, is available and is pulling back the curtains on which it is we all fear.
Those who want to dive deep into what is really laying beyond the visible spectrum can read inhere the stories real people have experienced … and are now telling it to YOU!

This month PU magazine is spotlighting Dr. Scott Kolbaba, author of “Physicians’ Untold Stories”; paranormal romance author Elle Boon; and the new “Demon House” documentary directed by Zak Bagans and much more!


Are gluon plasma’s or QGP’s the cause of all life forms on this globe?


Scientific Evidence and Proof That Ghosts Exist

Are ghosts real?


People have been asking themselves this question for thousands of years.
But despite widespread sightings and stories dating back over millennia, we still have no definitive proof that spirits actually exist.

Believers say the skeptics are blind to the evidence that’s right in front of them.
Skeptics say any paranormal evidence likely has a rational explanation, and those who chase ghosts are fooling themselves.

Who is right, who is wrong, and where is the proof?





Is one of my paintings possessed?!

Two days ago I painted this malevolent image of one of those creatures I frequently see passing by or swirling around lampposts when dusk is falling.

During the time I was putting the paint on the canvas I felt as if it was slowly coming to live.
My imagination perhaps … could be, but the strange stumbling sounds I heard while painting this I cannot explain at the moment.

Now the crazy and eerie part concerning this creepy painting; It took me 6 hours to finish it and … the strangest part … yesterday evening around 23.00, a small photo album materialized in the bedroom of one of children.
Nobody in our family have ever seen this photo album nor does anyone of us recognize it!

Did I really paint something macabre what gained energy?!



The Source of Immortality…a strange and hidden truth.

Some people have asked me why I edit those 30 seconds in the beginning of my book-trailer of ‘The Source of Immortality’… let me explain the forgotten language of it which is known by many as ‘symbolism’.

At first you see me walking in the distance, this is not trying to create certain dram effects.
If you look to the overall of this image you can see that I am walking towards 5 arches which are standing for the five elements; Water, Fire, Air, Earth and the Universe.
(some people speak of wood, metal or rock)

The closed door is standing for the secrets in/of life as well as in and from the mind, secrets which can only be unlocked after we have overcome our personal fear(s) of the Freud-system; Id, Ego and Super-ego, the three parts of the psychic apparatus and all developing in the different stages we encounter in our lives.

Many of my video’s do contain this ancient (as well as medieval) language, a language which is better known as ‘subliminal messages’ and used today as a mild form of mind-control in e.g. TV-commercials to let you buy something.

Understanding the danger of this language (which I frequently speak of in my books), equals creating ‘critical thinking’ what gives you the power of peeking behind the screens of today’s suppressing system.



The Source of Immortality…a strange and hidden truth.


An ancient secret knowledge in which the difficulty lies in simplicity

you-though-you-knewMany people asked me over time what the knowledge is I am talking about … what is the secret of the Knights Templar?

But before you can understand this in all its glory and simplicity, you have to walk a personal path in both spirituality and ancient science (e.g. Al-Khemet).
Walk this path as a mystic and without fear … your faith will guide you during your journey and gives you the strength you will need in difficult times.

Which path you decide to walk is entirely up to you … there is no wrong nor a right path … do not force yourself to possess the knowledge, led it lead you to that glorious moment in-where you may hear the vibrations of the words; ‘Welcome home’.