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Are my books already on the blacklist?

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I wrote two books about the knowledge the true Templar’s possessed, a knowledge which is forgotten by many these days.
It is not forgotten because of humanity being stupid but by means of the implementation of modern technology which provides us with a BRAIN FOG.

Unfortunately, the information vol.3 and 4 are providing the global population (including the visible evidence of an forgotten evolution) is being hold back and are probably already on the black list.

Therefore, do not read my books they contain unimaginable facts.

Vol 3 and 4Vol.3 and 4 which are struggling to reach YOU

I found something very interesting on the graveyard some 500 meters from my home.

20150729_191138     20150730_135719


Here a snapshot from the recording I made … I went down into the catacomb.



Black shadows passing by and strange figures on the roof


I am still following the path of the Templars knowledge and learning during every step I take.



Look beyond the point of focus and see what REALLY is happening at the moment in the world

Maybe I run too quickly through the fabric of this matter, but those who know the real truth concerning the sordid affairs and complexity of the secrets of WWII, banking, the Templar’s and so on are hidden will understand more that I wrote in words.

People, do you really see what is going on the world at the moment?

Look at the world and the behaviors of the people in it … look at France and the so-called world leaders.
They are forming a front against terror, terrorism and plead for freedom … a world without fear.
Think for a moment will you … leaders like the Bushes and Obama spread terror over the world, asteroids are showing up excessive and an alien lifeforms is knocking at our door.
But let’s keep it to their last action we saw in France.

All those ‘world leaders’ came together to make a statement that they are fighting for YOU but that is NOT TRUE!
These maggots have a different agenda … they want to conquer the world under the motto ‘WORLD PEACE’ and you will applause for it meaning that you will think that you did this out of free will.

Look, Bush and Obama bombed the middle east and killed millions with their actions (not to mention 911) … the message was that the middle east was the bad guy and we had to think that is was true.
Many people in the world got sick of how they were eliminate others and turned their backs to the leading way of the government(s).
Now we all know that ‘fear’ is a powerful weapon but they have one more tool in their sleeves to control your thoughts … RELIGION!

Religion Number of followers
(in millions)
Christianity 2,200
Islam 1,800
Hinduism 1,100
Buddhism 488

So, war with aggression does not work anymore as it did a while back, people are tiered of it and want peace.
Oops shit! … this is what we see happening at the moment, the world leaders are giving you what you want … PEACE what is nothing more than a false hope, an illusion.
The action in France was there for you to see and to fight side by side with the global oppressors and for freeing the path for Obama’s successor.
This man or woman will lead that coveted world peace … what will be the opposite of freedom.
(A happy slave is a slave who think it is free)

Thus let’s take the religions Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism … let them fight against a common enemy and let them merge.
With this action the global population will be ONE which means that we will start think alike what means that mass-hypnoses will accrue with an out-come of an easy mind- and behavior control of this group.

This was already put in motion some time ago only you did not saw it because of the wars, killing, stupid laws, elections, inflation’s, 911, disappearing of plains and so on … false flag distractions.

And while you were marching together with others trying to led your voice heard and thinking that you understood what was happening, THEY went on with accomplishing their planed events.
You NEVER SAW what was going on because you run into the street screaming that THEY were maggots, that THEY had to go.
Now WHAT was my message to you all in my bookThe NWO, their thoughts … your life’?
Right … THINK!!!
And what was it that you did not do?
Right … THINKING!!!

While the ‘Superior General of the Society of Jesus’ (also nicknamed of the Black Pope) was telling an enormous amount of people that they had to stand up and to fight for their rights in live.
He even kicked out some creepy ones out … yeah that was what many people wanted to see.
Now all these actions form the resent past are starting to come together under the false hope of ‘world peace’ of being ONE nation.
(…a knowledge which is too big for one men…)
But ONE NATION with one religion (thought) will mean that all the present religions have to be eliminated, meaning that the God or goddess you are praying to at the moment will be banned.

(Are they trying to close The Prophecy of the Popes?)

One nation, one religion, one mind … this means a dictatorship with ON RULER.
Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein FUHER!!

World peace? … this is more the path to being imprisoned voluntarily and blindly trapped. 

The rising of the REAL dark knight!



Crack down on internet giants, PM to tell Obama as he insists Google and Facebook have ‘moral duty’ to spot suspicious posts


  • Mr Cameron’s two-day visit to Washington is due to begin today
  • He wants to tighten up rules on web firms and ban encrypted posts
  • Report into murder of Lee Rigby found evidence of online boasts 

David Cameron will tomorrow urge Barack Obama to force US-based web giants to do more to tackle terrorism.

The Prime Minister will use talks in the White House to press for tougher action to require the companies to alert authorities to suspicious online exchanges, ban encrypted communications and store data.

He accuses them of failing to assist in the fight against terror, and insists they have a ‘moral duty’ to act.

Cyber-terrorism and surveillance will be central issues at the visit, which Tory strategists hope will be a pre-election ‘love-in’ between Mr Cameron and Mr Obama and boost the Prime Minister’s standing at home.

Unusually, the President has agreed to host Mr Cameron close to an election, apparently repaying the favour Mr Cameron made by visiting the US and all but endorsing him during the last presidential race.

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in France, the leaders will focus on economic and national security — which they will argue are linked.

British officials said Mr Cameron, due to begin his two-day visit to Washington today, would seek support for a crackdown on terrorists using social networks and other websites to communicate and foment hatred.

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Meeting: The PM will use talks with Obama to press for more web communications to be handed over



Israeli newspaper says that, among others German Chancellor, Angela Merkel was digitally removed for ‘reasons of modesty’


I put in two yellow circles for you to see how Photoshop can be used more.

Orthodox Israeli newspaper airbrushes female world leaders out of #JeSuisCharlie march photographs

  • German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, one of the woman digitally removed
  • Paris Mayor and Danish Prime Minister also edited out by The Announcer
  • Allegedly altered its front page so as not to offend ‘ultra-orthodox’ readers
  • Israeli newspaper says the women were removed for ‘reasons of modesty’
  • They were among 40 world leaders who led a million people through Paris
  • 17 innocent people died last week in wave of terror attacks on the city 

An ultra-conservative Jewish newspaper has digitally removed female politicians from an iconic image of world leaders marching through Paris, following last week’s terror attacks.

Israel’s The Announcer airbrushed out German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo – and cropped the front-page picture to completely exclude Danish Prime Minster, Helle Thorning-Shmidt.

It’s believed the women were removed from the historic image, taken on January 11, so the newspaper would not offend its highly devout Orthodox readers.

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Removed: The altered picture on the front page of Israeli newspaper, The Announcer, excludes German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo - while only the hand of Danish Prime Minster Helle Thorning-Shmidt makes the picture


'Airbrushed out': This before and after picture shows how the three women, Helle Thorning-Shmidt (below, left), Anne Hidalgo (below, centre) and Angela Merkel (below, right) were digitally removed from the photo.


‘Millions march in France against terror’….I told you that you would fight side by side with your oppressors!

The Phoenix-force is coming and it will lead to an event what kills thousands on the globe! (you will scream for FEMA to help you and fight side by side with your oppressors…don’t ever say I didn’t warn you!)

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These so-called “world leaders” do have a completely different agenda as we have … the global population.
One option to understand this all is to take a look behind the scenes,
the book ‘The NWO, Their thoughts … your life’ is a fine example to clear up some of these illusions of this false “hope”.


Millions march in France against terror in historic unity rally

Largest demonstration in French history draws world leaders, including Netanyahu, Abbas, though Elysee Palace had preferred Israeli PM not attend; Jews killed in supermarket siege to be buried in Israel; victims honored at synagogue ceremony

Some 1.5 million people, including over 50 world leaders, thronged central Paris Sunday afternoon in a massive and historic show of support against terrorism and to honor 17 victims of a series of attacks that rocked France last week. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, attending the rally, announced that the four Jewish victims of an attack on a kosher market Friday would be buried in Israel. The Times of Israel liveblogged developments throughout Sunday.
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In the front row for press freedom

Op de eerste rij voor persvrijheid, maar niet in eigen land

Arm in arm marcheerden staatshoofden en regeringsleiders door Parijs. Op die manier wilden ze hun geloof uitdrukken in ‘de kracht van de democratie’ en ‘het vrije woord’. Ontroerend. Dat sommige politici de persvrijheid in eigen land aan banden leggen, moesten we maar even vergeten. Wie waren deze controversiële figuren die meeliepen?

Door de onthullingen van Edward Snowden in The Guardian kreeg de Britse premier David Cameron het benauwd. Dus reageerde hij zich af op de krant, die te maken kreeg met brute intimidatie, zoals een inval op de redactie.

In 2013 gaf Cameron persoonlijk opdracht om een computer van The Guardian te vernietigen waarop geheime informatie stond over de spionage door Britse en Amerikaanse inlichtingendiensten.

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Antikythera mechanism, the original object in question and it’s re-creation.

Unprecedented exploration of Antikythera wreck yields new treasures

In the first underwater exploration of its kind, a Greek and international team of divers and archaeologists have used a new high-tech exosuit to reach deep waters in which the world-renowned Antikythera wreck has lain for two thousand years.  Their investigation proved that remnants of the ships luxury cargo has survived for millennia on the sea floor as new treasures have been retrieved from the depths. According to a media release by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), the rescued antiquities include tableware, ship components, and a giant bronze spear that would have belonged to a life-sized warrior statue.

The Antikythera wreck, located off the island of Antikythera in the Aegean Sea, is a famous underwater archaeological site thrown into the spotlight in 1900 when researchers discovered an incredible mechanical device, now known as the Antikythera mechanism.  The metallic device consists of at least 30 different types of gears and is so complex that many consider it to be the first human-made analogue computer. After decades of research, scientists were able to determine that it shows the positions of the sun, moon, and planets as they move through the zodiac, predicts solar and lunar eclipses, and even marked key events such as the Pan-Hellenic games. The discovery of this unique form of ancient technology, along with other treasures, including finely carved bronze and marble statues, glassware, jewellery, and coins, led researchers to wonder what else may lie within the shipwreck.

The original Antikythera mechanism and a reconstruction

Left: The original Antikythera mechanism (Wikipedia). Right: A reconstruction of the mechanism (

Over the decades, divers have attempted to investigate the ancient shipwreck, but dangerous conditions caused by the extreme depth of the submerged vessel prevented researchers exploring the site fully. However, a newly developed exosuit, which allows divers to descend to 300 metres for hours at a time without the need for decompressing upon returning to the surface, has now allowed marine archaeologists to finally return to the famous wreck.

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The knowledge of Plato

Time travel as an ancient knowledge and technological fact.

Time travel, time travelers, multivariate worlds, alien life forms … it is something what kept many people busy for decades, even centuries.

History is full of little clues, remarks and references to foreign technologies … books are written about it and movies are made about this subject.

A subject which is still a mystery to many because of the lack of clear and palpable evidence.

And that is the real problem of why many cannot figure out what the reality of this mystery really is, the true secret behind this ancient knowledge is not palpable in away as we think and have learned.

This knowledge of how to create devises (machines) is also not from outer space aswe think it would be … it was not brought to the surface of this globe by alien life forms to boost up our intelligent nor is it a mystery.

Forget all those articles about the so called ‘UFO-technology’ (meaning technology coming from an alien race) because it is much simpler than that…..