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SST, the beginning of an Alien invasion?

Paranormal Underground Radio; SST, the beginning of an Alien invasion?

Last night (26-01-2017) Paranormal Underground Radio broadcasted a very interesting interview with Gavin Kelly & Paula Purcell from Phantasmic Ghost Hunters who are talking about their paranormal investigations and experiences.

At 1 hour, 54 minutes and 30 seconds, another correspondent segment of me can be heard concerning how a space defense system (SST) can be turned into a system what can choose its own objects of threat.
I wonder if this system has something to do with Trump kicking the world, making enemies like Mexico for instance.

ps: the repeating of the sentence “the future of the US and global security” is not an error.


There is NO President chosen!

People, you are murdering your brain if you are keep thinking that Donald Trump has anything to do with (world) politics … this move has no content … it is an empty vessel … a distraction for you to play with and has everything to do with cleaning up the family finances/businesses of the 1%.
This time the title of ‘President’ has as much value as the calendar in your toilet. (if it had any value before that is)
There is no President chosen, not by you nor by the 1% … not this time.

Q-PHAZE Magazine … Is our reality truly based on an illusion?

YES! … Nr. 45 – Edition 2017 of the German magazine Q-PHAZE is ALMOST HERE and will contain the German written version of my article ‘The Real Technology Behind the WOW! signal … is it a secret NASA program?’ what was earlier published by the American magazine Paranormal Underground in March 2016.


Click on the image and go to the website

Is our reality truly based on an illusion? … Some people are convinced of this being a daily fact, others think of it as pseudo-science.

What ever your believes are, this German magazine Q-PHAZE contains a variety of subjects letting your mind wonder through the universe … topics which ‘can’ give you a different look at today’s reality.(Issue 45 will be available in January 2017)


I designed a logo with an eerie content.

I am occupied with writing an article about the last developments in an almost unbelievable but not impossible technology concerning e.g. DARPA, MIT, CERN and Lockheed.
This brought me to designing the logo in the photo what speaks of a technology containing a creepy out-come … when turned on.



Shadow People at the CERN?


Holographic 911; seeing IS believing!

As a freelance journalist (member of the DJV – German Association of Journalists) I am covering non-fictional stories concerning scientific facts in Quantum & Astrophysics … technologies which are silently being tested on the common people as well as the medical versions of it are being tested on soldiers, pilots, NAVY sailors during their training AND the mechanical versions on the battlefield itself.

The technology which is being used during 911 for instance, is one of those stories I covered and is published by the German magazine Q-PHAZE in the issue of Sept. 2016 baring the title: Das holografische 911 – sehen IST glauben.
(Holographic 911; seeing IS believing!)



Paranormal Underground Radio commercial about my books

My commercial can be heard at 1 hour and 27 minutes into the program of Paranormal Underground Radio;


Shadow People; Is it a psychological phenomena or a real primal evolution?

One of my theories concerning ‘The Shadow People’; at 1 hour and 36 minutes into the program of Paranormal Underground Radio.


‘Holographic 911, seeing IS believing’ (an article of mine in the German languish)

Q-PHAZE; a magazine with courage!

Today I had the privilege to receive the latest edition of the German magazine Q-PHAZE, a magazine which is not only a pleasant read but gives you also a lot of information to think about.

  Interesting topics as The Knights Templar, the angel of Chinchero and 911 are discussed in this 44th edition.

Q-PHAZE; Roth verlag;




Q-PHAZE; a magazine with courage!

The German magazine ‘Q-PHAZE’ is showing real courage!
Why? … because they are the FIRST ONES who are publishing an article of mine what speaks of an yet untold but plausible story about 911.

This article, which is written in the German languish, shows you why the MSM is trying to let you focus on e.g. explosions and free-fall … they are defiantly hiding something for the public view!

(the exact date of publication will follow soon)

Click on the image to be directed to the website of Q-PHAZE