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  • "The Holy Trinity of our Future selves"…do you have the guts to read about your daily treats and economic captivity?


    Good day to you all,

    My name is Maria Anna van Driel and I give you the history, the present and the future of a corrupt system that’s created by the ominous and warlike thoughts of a global secret society called The New World Order.

    Vol.1 “The NWO, their thoughts…your life” which is an opportunity for you to understand what the global leaders of today are doing.

    They are creating a closed society with electronic borders and GWEN controlled people…the people who will be addicted to ELF’s and walk around like zombies meaning without any emotions.(not like blood sucking vampires or brain slurping monsters)

    Vol.2 “The source of Immortality” is already written what will explain how to overcome this prison-like future…by using your brain.

    By changing your Beta-waves and hide your Alpha-wave…that way no ELF can influence your Theta waves.

    Simple you say but it’s harder than you might think.

    The technology of today(also called “The silent war”) is here for you to stay a sleep and willing-less slave who has no need to fight back!As soon as you understand who the global leaders are and why they are putting us into this state of hypnotics, you can skip the first book and go directly to the HOW they are doing it.(which I hope to public in 2014)

    Vol.3 will be about WHEN we are climbing out of their tar-pit into the light of freedom.

    What will the globe look like if we wake up from the Grid?

    How is life beyond our everyday illusions?

    And how are we going to deal with it?

    Understand the horrifying agenda of the today’s leaders of the New World Order, that will be the first step to free thinking instate of swirling like a Binary-thinker in a computer simulation.

    All three books together, I call it “The Holy Trinity of our Future selves”.

    Three books that will give you the power to understand what is going on in the world and were it can lead to … WE ARE IN POWER as soon as WE understand the power of the mind!


    Read Vol.1 to “understand” Vol.2 and to “see” Vol.3 … wake up from the Grid and walk the globe as a free divine being!


    Do you have the guts to read about your daily treats and economic captivity?

    If the answer to this question is convincing “yes”, leave your review and let the world know that your are in power of your own life!


  • Smart houses…you won't even know that you are living in it!

    Google wants to move into your HOME: Giant plans to fit microphones in ceilings – and it could happen as soon as 2018

    • Microphones could be fitted around a house to respond to voice requests
    • When connected to smart devices, homeowners could ask Google to turn appliances on, or find a restaurant
    • Google’s chief engineer Scott Huffman predicts this may happen by 2018
    • Microchips could be used to send data straight to a person’s brain
    • One day people could search and get results using brainwaves
    Californian firm's chief engineer Scott Huffman, pictured,

    Californian firm’s chief engineer Scott Huffman, pictured, said the microphones would act like personal assistants

    Google is already heavily criticised for trying to know almost everything about us, and now the firm wants to get inside our homes, literally.

    Engineering director Scott Huffman told The Independent that in his vision of the future Google users would have microphones fitted inside their homes.

    Huffman envisages houses with microphones fitted to the ceiling that act like personal assistants; responding to voice queries and connecting to phones, tablets and other smart devices.

    He said: ‘Imagine I say ‘Can you bring up a video of the highlights of yesterday’s Pittsburgh Steelers game and play it on a TV in the living room?’ and it works because the Cloud means everything is connected.’

    Elsewhere he said he could ask his Google assistant where to go for lunch that serves a particular type of food and on a certain budget and Google will find somewhere.

    Huffman could then get in his car and his sat nav would be already programmed to take him to the restaurant of choice.

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  • Is the NSA using ECHELON to blur your vision?

    Two pictures ARE the same but most people can’t see the difference if it’s not pointed out to them…it’s the same with those speeches of the global leaders, people don’t hear the difference between the similarities.

    And that is the point here…the images in this cyber-world aren’t what they show!

    Computers aren’t machines to extend you world vision but to reduce and to transform it into a tunnel-vision of fear and hate.

    We are kept in an illusion by self-thinking computers which are capable of multiplying in a way that we know as a “natural birth”.

    The illusion is the reality!
    But hey…2+2=5 therefore the reality will never seen by the majority!

    Capture fschg+





    5 March, 1983

                                      Dear miss, ……………

    According to some the chip is the greatest theological invention in history of mankind, according to others it’s the greatest threat.

    These kind of electronic chips are only a few millimeters across.

    Now one chip has thousands of miniature of components all over its surface and they are all around us these days.

    Without these chips our society wouldn’t be able to function properly anymore.

    Someday we will have chips installed, bottom to top.

    They will surgical implanted to regulate our blood pressure and other things.

    This is a concept and it won’t be long before chips will take over certain function of the brain.


    A computer called “ECHELON” was created quite some time ago in the United States and it came with the latest kind of chips.

    The next thing they knew it began to go off on its own totally in-despicable and a mystery to everyone’s concern.

    The computer started to indicate its own brain patterns.

    It began to make its own programs and it got completely out of control, it couldn’t be stopped!

    So they pulled the plug.

    They didn’t know how to stop it, dug a big hole and buried the computer.

    They just covered it up!


    But how can they be sure it was something in the chips?

    You see, in the last few years scientists all over the world spend a lot of time bringing down the size of these chips.

    Computers used to be so big that they would fill half the room.

    It’s not much of a time window, about fifteen years and the research is hardly started yet.

    Everything is getting thinner and thinner and that’s where the danger lies in my opinion.

    Under certain influence the programs of the chips can be changed.

    Influence like magnetism, statical electricity, temperature, ultraviolet rays, and radioactive rays.

    The thinner the chip the more instable and less reliable it become.


    When a chip is exposed to these elements, it maybe begins to break down.

    You got to find it and quickly remove such a chip, should it continue in use the danger is that it can reprogram itself.

    They now started to develop a new element … the bio-chip that isn’t lager than a little molecule!


    One time they built a computer, an entirely experimental thing … a prototype with chips that were completely made out of protein.

    Imagine that … a chip made out of pure organic material.


    These chips proved a terrible thing, it turned out that the chips were that instable and irregular they instantly started to reprogram in the computer but the most fascinating thing of all was, these chips of protein lost control and reproduced themselves over and over again.

    The computer began to produce its own chips … it began to grow!


    Did they bury this computer also?

    I don’t know but if they didn’t it probably committed suicide by now.


    With kind regards,  …….


    Ps: please do understand that the NSA isn’t a living corporation in a human way.



  • This song isn't only for black people…this song is for ALL the people on the globe.

    {Official Music Video } – Billy BANG – CONSPIRACY THEORY


    This song isn’t only for black people…this song is for ALL the people on the globe.
    Those assholes are holding up an illusion and you are begging for it to life in…STOP and start thinking, your reality is a fictitious picture of thoughts and wishes of the global Elite!
    STOP living their idea’s and start your own by educating yourselves about your true origin.
    Understand who and what you are, learn your history which means learning theirs…that way you will find their weaknesses and how to break free from their oppressive and controlling behavior.

    Understand that the war you have to fight is chemical and takes place on just 2.5 cm in YOU!
    Break free from their idiotic lies and life like you suppose to do AS A FREE DIVINE CREATURE!
    A creature that has meaning, value and above all the power to make choices in life.

    STOP living in fear and open your mind to the world…WE are the RESISTANCE and we CAN win this war!
    Live as one by accepting the differences…that’s the key to a free life.

  • Privacy Extinct- You’ll Never Believe Where And How They Are Listening To You Now

    Watch the movie “Control Factor”!
    Oh and euhm, that shit with copper (Faraday cage) please inform yourselves before you are going to cook yourselves!

    Privacty Extinct

    Many people around the world were stunned just a few years ago when they found out that they could be tracked anywhere if they were carrying a cell phone, even if it was turned off. Climb the highest mountain, get lost in the wildest sea all you’d like, and  even though there is no cell service you can still being traced.

    People were shocked again when they found out only months ago that the Government can actually hihjack your car while you are driving it.

    The breach by the powers that be into the private lives of citizens has just taken more drastic steps further into the world of George Orwell’s famous novel “1984.”

    In Seattle, Washington, Department of Homeland Security type monitoring systems have been placed throughout the city. The boxes are meant to better connect police, fire, and search and rescue teams during emergency efforts, but with the boxes popping up everywhere, especially downtown and on nearly every corner, the citizens of Seattle are starting to wonder just how capable the technology may be in intercepting conversations.

    Think this is too “conspiratorial?”

    Then let’s move on to Las Vegas, where a similar infringement into the lives of private citizens has taken place with another type of Government run technology. Here, boxes that record sight and sound have been placed throughout the city.

    The wireless, computer-operated LED light systems can “play music, interact with pedestrians and are equipped with video screens, which can display police alerts, weather alerts and traffic information,”according to a report from media outlet the Daily Mail.

    Residents of Las Vegas have voiced concern over the fact that their every move, from the time they leave their homes until they return, is being monitored.

    The way things are looking, with government eyes and ears on everything from streetlight posts to cross walk poles, I would ask the concerned citizens of Las Vegas, and everywhere else, “What makes you think you’re not being watched in your homes?”


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  • Jeff Rothschild helps the U.S Military censor civilians

    August 3, 2013 in Unspun News

    Jeff Rothschild

    Jeff Rothschild was brought in by the CIA, to help Mark Zuckerberg maximize “high performance at a massive scale” for CIA funded Facebook.

    But the reality was that Jeff was brought on board and given a 600$ million share of Facebook, in order to maximize the efficiency of Palantir software (being used by the U.S Military in syncronization with Facebook censors to censor large publics).

    Millions of people have witnessed themselves or others getting direct interference from a third party.

    And sometimes this would lead to hour long shut downs of parts of Facebook, because it bothered people.

    People came on Facebook and Youtube because they thought it wouldn’t be rigged, especially when posting anti-war and anti-statist content.

    The worst part being, that these operations are done covertly, and regularly draft outside help from like minded hierarchist groups.

    These sorts of operations were conducted on Iraqis with Operation Earnest Voice, and the end result was over 2 million people dying, because George Bush had denied them medicine, hospitals (bombed), and food. 

    So to use this military weapon against civilians, especially Americans is criminal.

    Supposedly they do it to spread “pro-americanism”.

    But when you have over 50,000 Department of Homeland Security workers straight out of high school, who have never traveled outside the U.S spreading manufactured consent, it starts getting very nasty and war like.

    Especially while having people like Jeff Rothschild and Mark Zuckerberg pretending to be democratic figures who never give over information to their government.

    Which is a big fat lie. It’s supposed to be government for and by the people… not government against the majority of the people who are poor as well as voiceless.

    For more info and sources: http://anarchadia.com/2013/04/01/social-networking-government-censorship/


    See the whole article

  • Where are all the women’s rights groups on this matter? Woman is shaken out of her bra by the police while she was giving her boyfriend a ride home from work



    Zoe Brugger was simply giving her boyfriend a ride home from work. She had a broken headlight, and was pulled over by Lakeland Florida police.  What should have been a routine “fix-it” ticket turned into a roadside nightmare. I guess Lakeland Police decided they were going see one set of high beams one way  or another from Ms Brugger.  To add insult to injury,  an FBI investigation investigation concluded that the Officer’s actions were appropriate.

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation now seems to be the Female Body Inspectors. The findings of the FBI are as insulting and as outrageous as the original incident.

    State Attorney Jerry Hill who called the incident at the time “illegal” and “inappropriate.” The State Attorney said there was no way the search was appropriate.

    Officer Dustin Fetz was issued a one day suspension and was being ordered to attend retraining. It was originally reported that the suspension was for the search.  The FBI was requested to investigate the matter further.  However, the UK Mail’s investigation revealed that Fetz’s  suspension was not for the search, but for not recording the incident. He was technically suspended not for making Miss Brugger shake out her bra, but instead for not using his microphone to record audio during thetraffic stop – or for several previous stops he made, according to the Lakeland Ledger.

    This is outrageous. First having to shake out one’s bra because the officer doesn’t believe its contents are part of your body, then the public shake-out on the side of the road, and then to be given deceptive information on the disciplinary action of the officer on the incident, and then have the FBI rule that this whole incident was legal?

    Lakeland Police Chief Womack stated that Lakeland’s policies would be changed as a result of the incident. However, Womack’s words were just as insulting as the original search:

    In a nutshell, they said there were no civil rights or color of law violations. I don’t believe we’ll have any further issues in this manner with this officer. ”This is not to say that clothing of any kind will never be manipulated, but it will only be done by a same gendered officer and will only be done for articulable reasons

    Brugger is understandably insulted by the investigation’s outcome. It is counter to what the States Attorney had concluded. Brugger stated.

    “It seemed like they really trivialized what happened, seemed like just a little slap on the wrist. I was terrorized and bullied by an officer who was supposed to be there to protect me.”

    Brugger  plans to file a civil lawsuit against the Lakeland Police Department.
    Zoe Brugger  had simply picked up her boyfriend from work on the night of May 21, 2013.  Apparently, Officer Dustin Fetz believed that the two were hiding drugs in the car. Somehow, having a broken headlight equates to drug possession. Fetz asked Brugger to step out of the vehicle.  Then she was ordered to shake out her bra–twice.

    I guess Fetz didn’t think what was there was real, or figured he’d get a chance to see a set of high beams one way or another.

    The incident was caught on dash cam video. The video shows that the only thing Brugger had in bra was her bosoms. There were no illegal drugs in the vehicle either.

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  • I'll be back ;)

    Captureb kmlnö,


    Part one was written for the people who know that there is something wrong in the world but can’t point it out.
    This book is written for those who have the guts to wake up from the illusion those vultures created for us to live in like zombie slaves.

    You can also buy it with; http://uk.united-pc.eu/

     It is already published in:
    the US,
    the UK,
    the Netherlands (Novum),
    Germany (Lehmanns),
    New Zealand,
    at Amazon,
    and Bokus.

    the cover